A Bit O' This & That

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Band Name Emilie Autumn
Album Name A Bit O' This & That
Type Album
发布日期 03 八月 2007
出版公司 Trisol Music Group
音乐风格Indus Gothic


1. Chambermaid (Space Mix)
2. What If (Celtic Mix)
3. Hollow Like my Soul
4. By the Sword
5. I Don't Care Much
6. I Know It's Over
7. Find Me a Man
8. O Mistress Mine
9. The Star Spangled Banner
10. All my Loving (The Beatles Cover)
11. Sonata in d minor for Violin & Continuo
12. Ancient Grounds
13. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
14. With Every Passing Day
15. Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches