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Stoner Queens Of The Stone Age Era Vulgaris
Album, Released date : 12 June 2007 - Universal Music Group / Interscope Records
Style: Stoner

RATING SOM : 10/20
All rates : 14/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Turnin on the Screw
2. Sick, Sick, Sick
3. I'm Designer
4. Into the Hollows
5. Misfit Love
6. Battery Acid
7. Make It Wit Chu
8. 3's & 7's
9. Suture Up Your Future
10. River in the Road
11. Run Pig Run

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43 ratings 0 14/20

You got a question ? Please don't ask it,
It puts the lotion in the basket,
You say bigger's better but bigger's thicker,
White boy dressed up like a figure,
Drawn inside a toilet on the wall,
The world is round,
My square don't fit at all,

They say those who can't just instruct others,
And act like victims or jilted lovers,
You can't lose it if you never had it,
Disappear man, Do some magic,
You want a reason? How's about "Because" ?
You ain't a has been if you never was.

I sound like this,
Scared to say what is your passion,
So slag it all,
Bitter's in fashion,
Fear of failure's all you've started,
The jury is in, verdict :
I'm so tired, I'm wired too,
I'm a mess,
I guess,
I'm turning on the screw.


Young, dumb, don't see a problem,
Bloodshot, Stare like a hoodlum,
Simple as this I'm in love with the risk,
I know what I've done, but tell me what did I miss,
So, please don't save something,
Waste not, save nothing,
Lose the halo, No need to resist,
A lick of the lips & my grip on your hips.

Sick, Sick, Sick
Don't resist,
Sick, Sick, Sick
Don't resist,

First thing we succumb to,
Shall erase and undo days of unrelease,
If there's no police,
Then race to slip into whatever fits you,
Make something, make someone,
Beg on a knee baby, baby please,
Pout your bottom lip, while crackin the whip,
You know what we want is,
Candy to cum too.



Eternal eclipse in the teeth of the risk,
The tounge is a twist in perpetual bliss,
Forever midnight, forever midnight...


(I'm gonna change,
I don't wanna change),



My generation's for sale,
Beats a steady job.
How much have you got ?
My generation don't trust no one,
Its hard to blame,
Not even ourselves.
The thing that's real for us is : fortune and fame,
All the rest seems like work.
Its just like Diamonds
In shit.

I'm high class I'm a whore,
Actually both,
Basically I'm a pro,
We've all got our own style
(Of baggage),
Why hump it yourself,
You've made me an offer that I can refuse,
(Course either way I get screwed)
Counter proposal :
I go home and jerk off.

[Chorus #1]
It's truly a lie. I'm counterfeit myself,
It's truly a lie. I'm counterfeit myself,

[Chorus #2]
You don't own, you don't own, you don't own,
You don't own what none can buy,
You don't own, neither do I.

High and mighty you say selling out is a sham,
Is that the name of your book ?
Push a silver spoon in your ass,
No more holding us down,
(Dog. down mutt. Nice mutt)
You're insulted, You can't be bought or sold.
Translation : offer too low.
You don't know what you're worth,
(It isn't much.)
My piano is for sale.
How many times must I sell myself before my pieces are gone ?
I'm one of a kind,
I'm designer.

Never again will I repeat myself,
Enough is never enough,
Never again will I repeat myself.

It used to be the plan was : screwing the man
Now its have sex with a man,
(After he buys you ".com" for sale at a low, low price)

[Chorus #1]

[Chorus #2]


Au revoir, adieu, goodnight,
I'm too wrong, to get right,
But I cant wait forever,
I've always been alone,
A fool believes he's clever.
Don't you wanna go into the hollow ?
I won't go it alone,
Aren't you gonna follow ?

I live behind my eyes,
Be sure to keep the surprise,
I break what I've already borrowed,
That's why I always go,
Alone into tomorrow.
Don't you wanna go into the hollow ?
Don't wanna go alone, aren't you gonna follow ?
Into the hollow


Wanna see my past in flames,
Don't waste a drop baby, I ain't fussed.
Where I was born, no escape,
There, there ain't even no good/bad drugs.
In the city is it true ?
If you don't, you act like you do.
Feast of fools. I can't wait,
Give 'em a taste of my misfit love.
Feel my heart wake up.

Ain't born to lose baby,
I'm born to win,
I'm so goddamn slick baby, it's a sin,
It's a sin.

Transforming is becoming on me...

Do me first, do your worst.
Gimmie what I want some of.
One track mind, no time to waste.
Sidewalks, feel me strut so good ?
Gutter, don't forget this face,
Let 'em taste my misfit love.
I'll show you all my dirty tricks,
Then show 'em again,
I'm so proud of em.
It's cruel to be constantly,
Feel my heart play dumb.


Just a dead man, walking through the dead of night,
And if you are going anywhere tonight? Just a dead end,
Walking through the dead of night and if you are going,
Can I get a ride ?
Just a dead man walking through the dead of night,
Its impossible to wait until the light,
Cause, I'm already gone,
If you bet on me, you've won.


Make you into dark,
Straight into your heart.
Sorry's all you are,
I don't really care, I know you are.
Robots, robots,
Brainwashed babies,
Blood from a leech,
Spoken rabies,
Spastic, plastic, battery acid,
Yank on the leash,
Draggin you backwards,
Oh my,
Closed eyes, never see it coming.

There is nothing you can say,
You can't wish me away,
Every masochist, gets a turn,
The sadistic twist, you'll never learn,
In battery acid.

Battery acid in my veins - unidentified remains,
The yes button broke to automatic,
Irrational dosage of furious static erasing what
You are,
We are.

To feel the way you do,
To mention,
A lie, then call it true,
Feel for,
Nothing except for yourself,
And nobody else,
Hanging over the edge.



You wanna know if I know why ?
I can't say that I do,
I don't understand the evil eye,
Or how one becomes two.
And I just can't recall what started it all,
Or how to begin in the end,
I ain't here to break it,
Just see how far it will bend,
Again and again,

I wanna make it,
I wanna make it wit chu,
Anytime, anywhere,
I wanna make it,
I wanna make it wit chu,

Sometimes the same is different,
but mostly it's the same
these mysteries of life, that just ain't my thing
if I told you that I knew about the sun and the moon,
I'd be untrue,
The only thing I know for sure
Is what I wanna do,
anytime, anywhere and I say

I wanna make it, (again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu,
Anytime, anywhere,
I wanna make it, (again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu,

I wanna make it, (anytime, anywhere)
I wanna make it wit chu,
I wanna make it,
I wanna make it wit chu.

I wanna make it, (again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu,
I wanna make it, (anytime, anywhere)
I wanna make it wit chu,

I wanna make it, (again and again)
I wanna make it wit chu,
I wanna make it, (again and again and again and again and again..)

8. 3'S AND 7'S

Lie, lie to my face,
Tell me it ain't no thing,
That's what I wanna hear.
Take, a lie to the grave,
That's what and old friend told me,
Look at what it did for him.

The truth hurts so bad, wouldn't you say ?
So why tell it ?
If ignorance is bliss,
Then I'm in heaven now.

Run, you'll never escape,
You see you go nowhere (so new you appear),
Broke, laid to waste,
Turn into sweet nothings,
That kiss you goodbye.


I keep doin' it over and over again,
The neve rending places I never been
No one is catching on o rcalling my bluff,
The devil made me, only we never met,
Watch you do is say it with a smile boy,
Makin' us all forget


I'm gonna suture up my future,
I ain't jaded, I just hate it.
See, I been down too long,
It's kinda hard to explain.
Done and buried all I carried.
All my evil is through a needle,
As it pull through the eye,
What was and what will are now gone.

Don't sweat it,
Thread it, to forget it.
To feel like you've already gone on,
To the rest of,
The rest of the life that you've got.
Take a picture and bury it all away,
Bury it all,

Tried to fake it, I just can't take it.
I don't care if it hurts,
Just so long as it's real.
I won't waste it, turned to face it,
I'd sharpened a knife, then used it,
Until bone made it dull.
Tried explaining, done explaining,
I got caught in the plaid,
All of this talking at once.
I've been giving my love away,
To the things that tear it apart,
I'm gonna suture up my future.

Thread it, to forget it,
To feel like you've already gone on,
To the rest of,
The rest of the life that you've got,
Tie the loose ends and bury it all away,
It's like this, its like this...


Fast approaching monsters,
Marching in a row,
Grab what slips your mind,
And what your memory won't hold.
Run, darling run.
I'll stall them if I can,
You'll escape and I'll be left rotting on the vine.

Run, darling Run.
I'll stall them if I can,
You'll escape and I'll be left rotting on the vine.

Avert the childrens eyes,
Forget left untold,
Don't look back to see,
The blood,
River in the road.

Get sweet revenge with my blood,
River in the road


When I was young,
We used to play the game of hide and seek,
Someone'd go hide,
I count to ten.
You probably never played,
Instead you talk a game of sheep,
A skill you almost do perfect.

Run Pig Run.
Here I Come.

I am no saint and make no claims,
To being in the right,
Its just for now, I am wrong-less,
You probably wondering,
With what to do, this has with you,
I wanna play the game you missed.


There is no safe place,
There is no safe place,
There is no safe place to hide

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