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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Todas las crónicas : Marzo 2012
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Eluveitie : Helvetios 16/20
(Folk Death- Switzerland)
Eluveitie has been in my music collection since late 2009 when I got Slania. When the band posted the music video for their (at the time) brand new song, Thousandfold, I went to Nuclear Blast and...[read more]

Embrional : Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors 14/20
(Death Black- Poland)
Polish hate-squad Embrional releases the follow up to their previous album Cusp of Evil with Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours, after four years. With the band promising this release to be a "death...[read more]
Epica (NL) : Requiem for the Indifferent 15/20
(Symphonic Metal- Netherlands)
When I heard that Epica was going to be releasing a new album, the ultimate excitement I felt at that moment is indescribable. Epica is another one of those bands where each album is better than the...[read more]

Escape The Fate : This War Is Ours 15/20
(Emo Metal- USA)
Escape the Fate released This War Is Ours in the fall of 2008. There are so many mixed views that there isn’t much of a “majority opinion”. Although this isn’t a big issue in my opinion, the...[read more]
Evile (UK) : Five Serpent's Teeth 16/20
(Thrash Metal- United-Kingdom)
When Metallica released their "comeback" album, Death Magnetic in 2008, Evile came highly recommended by a friend who was into bands like Metallica as well, claiming that Evile sounded exactly like...[read more]

Eviscerated (USA-2) : Eviscerated 18/20
(Brutal Death- USA)
Eviscerated was a deathcore band that had a lot more death than core in their music. For those of you that are curious as to others that are like this, other similar artists include some Suicide...[read more]
Exhumed (USA) : All Guts, No Glory 17/20
(Death Grind- USA)
Exhumed released three albums during several years surrounding the turn of the century. Since then, they have become one of the most respected and loved death grind bands ever along with Cattle...[read more]

Exmortis : Resurrection ... Book of the Dead 12/20
(Death Metal- USA)
Exmortis as an entity is certainly not new to extreme metal, being originally formed way back in 1987 playing death metal in some of its earliest forms. After a break of more than 10 years, the band...[read more]
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