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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Todas las crónicas : Marzo 2012
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Defeated Sanity : Psalms of the Moribund 16/20
(Brutal Death- Germany)
I’ve been listening to Defeated Sanity for quite some time now. And honestly, I’ve never been hugely impressed by them. But it’s one of those things where I don’t love them, but I still...[read more]

Den Saakaldte : All Hail Pessimism 17/20
(Black Metal- Norway)
Ah, Norway…the home of my favorite kind of music, black metal. Not only is it the genre’s origin and homeland, it’s also where the most famous black metal bands come from. Now imagine this:...[read more]
Desecrator (AUS) : Live Til Death 14/20
(Thrash Metal- Australia)
Few bands offer a live album early in their career, let alone release it as an entire album with brand new songs. Australia thrash metal band Desecrator has gone the unique way doing just that, with...[read more]

Devourment (USA) : Butcher the Weak 18/20
(Brutal Death- USA)
I’ve come to love Devourment so much that around the time of the new year, I decided that Unleash the Carnivore just wasn’t enough anymore; I needed more Devourment! I looked up some other...[read more]
Disease Illusion : Backworld 15/20
(Melodic Death- Italy)
Having already been through a name change (from the previous The Reapers) and changes in musical genre, Disease Illusion releases their debut full length album, Backworld, with at least 5 years of...[read more]

Dominus Xul : To the Glory of the Ancient Ones 15/20
(Death Metal- Chile)
Chile's Dominus Xul is no newcomer in the old school death metal scene, having formed back in 1992 under the name Dominus before changing names in 1998, and splitting after just one full length...[read more]
Drudkh : Forgotten Legends 17/20
(Pagan Black- Ukraine)
Drudkh is one of the biggest “underground” black metal bands that I can think of. When I say that, I mean that there doesn't seem to be very many people that listen to Drudkh that aren’t...[read more]

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