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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
wszystkie artykuły : Grudzień 2011
Alfabetycznie :
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Szukaj :
Cormorant : Dwellings 17/20
(Folk black- USA)
USA's Cormorant's past releases have caught the extreme metal scene by storm, with their debut EP and full length album garnering critical acclaim through their unique fusion of various different...[read more]

Ace Of Hearts : Monster 20/20
(Gothic Metal- United-Kingdom)
Ace of Hearts debut album, like its namesake is in fact a Monster, all puns intended. Ace Of Hearts is my new favorite band! Bar none. Absolutely brilliant, in every aspect of the word. AOH is a...[read more]
Revilement : Pillars of Balance 18/20
(Death Metal- Taiwan)
Technical/brutal death metal has never really interested me, with the only band that had an impact on me being Finland's Demilich, but even then, the material was seldom revisited, since I personally...[read more]

Kataplexy : Mind Deterioration 15/20
(Brutal Death- USA)
Needless to say I had a hard time reviewing the band. As they sent the mp3 files to review their self-released debut, I would always get it wrong. Sure it's nothing like Kataklysm, Katatonia but I...[read more]
Primal (PL) : Deathzone 10/20
(Black Metal- Poland)
A chance encounter with this Polish, one-man black metal project, Primal, on the 3-way split with fellow Poles Iugulatus and Deep Desolation left me slightly disappointed, for Poland has been a...[read more]

Rusting Sun : Behind the Shadows 14/20
(Avantgardiste Black- Germany)
Rusting Sun is a new band out of Germany, playing black metal with numerous avant-garde references in their songwriting style. Behind the Shadows is their debut full length album, released under the...[read more]
To Die For : Samsara 12/20
(Gothic Metal- Finland)
After a short break, a Finnish gothic metal band To/Die/For released their new album with a very fitting name Samsara. What would characterize a work of band which changed its name, had a break and...[read more]

Exmortis : Resurrection ... Book of the Dead 12/20
(Death Metal- USA)
Exmortis as an entity is certainly not new to extreme metal, being originally formed way back in 1987 playing death metal in some of its earliest forms. After a break of more than 10 years, the band...[read more]
Sleep White Winter : Sleep White Winter 19/20
(Avantgardiste Black- USA)
It seems rare these days to find a black metal fusion band with a considerable amount of black metal intergrated into their sound, it seems that the post black metal tag has become a catch all for...[read more]

Divine Codex : The Dark Descent 15/20
(Black Metal- Italy)
After their highly acclaimed 2010 debut full length album, Ante Matter, Italian black metal horde Divine Codex returns with their follow-up, The Dark Descent. Ante Matter sees the band presenting a...[read more]
Dragonsclaw : Prophecy 16/20
(Power Metal- Australia)
This is what I really live for, to hear albums like these that are filled with passion and a drive behind it that gives the listeners something that's really worth waiting for. Dragonsclaw's debut...[read more]

Wall Of The Eyeless : Through Emptiness 16/20
(Death Doom- Sweden)
It's hard to tell what Wall of the Eyeless plays based on their album artwork of their debut demo, Through Emptiness, with the somewhat psychedelic and abstract art that could mean that the music...[read more]
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