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logo Yngwie Malmsteen

Band's list Guitar Hero Yngwie Malmsteen


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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Nick Marino
: Keyboard
[2005-2006], [since 2010]
Ralph Ciavolino
: Vocals, Bass
[since 2012]
Yngwie Malmsteen
: Guitar
[since 1978], ex-Steeler (USA), ex-Alcatrazz
Patrik Johansson
: Drums
[since 2001], Without Grief, ex-Prey (SWE), ex-Chainwreck

Past members

Others bands/comments
Joe Lynn Turner : Vocals [1987-1989] Brazan Abbot, ex-Rainbow, ex-Deep Purple, ex-Cem Köksal
Barrymore Barlow : Drums [1984], ex-Jethro Tull, Jimmy Page
Jens Johansson : Keyboard [1984-1989] Mastermind (USA), Stratovarius, ex-Silver Mountain, ex-The Johansson Brothers, ex-Dio
Bo Werner : Drums [1992]
Mats Olausson : Keyboard [1989-2000], Iron Mask, ex-Ark, ex-MVP, ex-Evil Masquerade, ex-Silver Mountain, ex-Stygia, ex-Biscaya, died 19/02/2015
Svante Henrysson : Bass [1989-1992]
Derek Sherinian : Keyboard [2001-2007], Jughead, Derek Sherinian, Platypus, Planet X, ex-Alice Cooper, ex-Dream Theater, ex-Section A, ex-All Too Human, ex-Explorers Club
Bjorn Englen : Bass [2008-2012], Miwa, ex-Blacksmith, ex-Quiet Riot
David Rosenthal : Keyboard [1996], session member, Hammerhead (NL), Vinnie Moore, ex-Rainbow
Bob Daisley : Bass [1988], Planet Alliance, Emerson, Lake, ex-Rainbow, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Dio, ex-Black Sabbath
Ripper Owens : Vocals [2008-2012], Beyond Fear, Charred Walls of the Damned, ex-Judas Priest, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Winters Bane
Doogie White : Vocals [2002-2008], Empire, Cornerstone, Tank, ex-Rainbow, ex-Balance Of Power, ex-Pink Cream 69, ex-Praying Mantis
Michael Vescera : Vocals [1993-1996], Fatale Force, Obssession, ex-Reign of Terror, ex-MVP, ex-Palace in Black, ex-Loudness
Rudy Sarzo : Bass [2004-2005], Hear 'N Aid, MARS, Dio, Whitesnake, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Quiet Riot
Mark Boals : Vocals [1985-1987], Holy Force, Iron Mask, Ring of Fire,The Codex, ex-Royal Hunt, ex-Ted Nugent
Cozy Powell : Drums [1997], died 1998, Black Sabbath, Glenn Tipton, Rainbow, Tony Martin, The Jeff Beck Group, Michael Schenker Group, Emerson, Lake And Powell
Göran Edman : Vocals [1990-1992], Karmakanic, ex-Brazen Abbot, ex-John Norum, ex-Street Talk, ex-Kharma, ex-Crossfade, ex-Richard Andersson
Jeff Scott Soto : Vocals [1984-1985], Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Vinnie Vincent, Talisman, ex-Audiovision, ex-Axel Rudi Pell, ex-MARS, ex-Panther, Jeff Scott Soto, WET


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