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logo Linkin Park

Band's list Nu Metal Linkin Park
    Also known as : LP


Status Formed In


    USA (Agoura Hills, California)
Popularity   Fans
    2473 Fans
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Current line-up

Others bands/comments
Robert Gregory Bourdon (aka Bob)
: Drums, Percussions
[since 2000], ex-Xero (USA), ex-Hybrid Theory
Joseph Hahn (aka Mr. Hahn)
: Programming
[since 2000], ex-Xero (USA), ex-Hybrid Theory
Bradford Phillip Delson (aka Big Bad Brad)
: Guitar
[since 2000], ex-Xero (USA), ex-Hybrid Theory
Michael Kenji Shinoda (aka The Glue)
: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
[since 2000], Fort Minor, ex-Xero (USA), ex-Hybrid Theory
Chester Charles Bennington (aka Chazy Chaz)
: Vocals
[since 2000], Stone Temple Pilots, Dead By Sunrise, ex-Hybrid Theory, ex-Grey Daze, ex-Sean Dowdell And His Friends?
David Michael Farrell (aka Phoenix)
: Bass
[since 2000], ex-Xero (USA), ex-Tasty Snax

Past members

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Ian Hornbeck : Bass [2000-2001]
Scott Koziol : Bass [2000-2001]


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