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logo Deicide

Band's list Death Metal Deicide


Status Formed In


    USA (Tampa, Florida)
Popularity   Fans
    2136 Fans
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Current line-up

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Steve Asheim
: Drums
[since 1987], Order Of Ennead, ex-Council Of The Fallen, ex-Amon (USA), ex-Evil Amidst
Kevin Quirion
: Guitar
[2008-2010] [since 2011], Order Of Ennead
Glen Benton
: Vocals, Bass
[since 1989], ex-Vital Remains, ex-Amon (USA)
Jack Owen
: Guitar
[since 2004], Adrift (USA), Estuary, Beyond Death (USA), ex-Cannibal Corpse, ex-Grave Descent

Past members

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Dave Suzuki : Guitar [2004-2005], ex-Faust, ex-Wolves Under Azurean Midnight, Churchburn, ex-Vital Remains, ex-Silent Raven Fell
Brian Hoffman : Guitar [1987-2004], Amon (USA)
Seth Van De Loo : Vocals [2007], live member, Centurian, Infected Flesh, Severe Torture
Garbathy : Vocals, Bass [2007], Dissenter (PL)
Eric Hoffman : Guitar [1987-2004], Amon (USA)
Ralph Santolla : Guitar [2005-2011], Hollow, Memorain, Millenium (USA), Ralph Santolla, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Obituary, ex-Sebastian Bach, ex-Eyewitness, ex-Stare


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Once Upon the Cross (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Serpents of the Light (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
Insineratehymn (CD - )mp3Lyrics 
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  • Deicide - End the Wrath of God

  • Deicide - Thou Begone

  • Deicide - Full Show (Live at Divan du Monde, Paris, France, 17/03/2013)

  • Deicide - Coney Island (Live at New York City, USA, 07/12/1998)

  • Deicide - Randolph (Live in USA, 08/12/1998)

  • Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix

  • Deicide - Live in Los Angeles, US, 2006, Part 1/8

  • Deicide - Dead by Dawn / Once Upon the Cross / Scars of the Crucifix (Live at Sofia)

  • Deicide - Untitled (Live at Sofia, Bulgaria)

  • Deicide - Conviction

  • Deicide - Lunatic of God's Creation (Live at Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden, 1992)

  • Deicide - Sacrificial Suicide (Live 1997)

  • Deicide - Serpents of the Light

  • Deicide - Glen Benton Interview Montreal 2011

  • Deicide - To Hell With God Trailer

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