Kill the person above you...
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message posted the : Thursday 10 May 2012 - 00:48:47

Fifth circle
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You are showering and such and once you finish, you get your towel that's strangely thin. You Dry off and throw it to the hamper, unfortuanately you miss. You later go to get a glass of water and slip. You hit the nightstand and a bottle of Jack and a lighter(that for some reason lights) and you Burn to death.

Kill me with a subscription to play girl.

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message posted the : Saturday 16 June 2012 - 17:12:18

Fifth circle
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citation :
Panzerjager says : During your daily night Sleep, somebody breaks into your house while searching his way guide by a flashlight. He finds you in your bedroom and starts waking your up by Shining the light in your eyes. You waka up but you're blinded by the strong light. Soon you lose your sight and in an attempt to flee, you miss some steps of the stairs and break your neck

Kill me with an english grammar book

Panzerjager was on a night out with his homieZ, and they were rollin' some fatass spliffs.. he got really high, and he decided to read the english grammar book.. he was reading and reading and laughing at all the words.. on a moment he got really hungry, he decided to eat the book and he chocked till death :

kill me with a deodorant

Because I can ...

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message posted the : Tuesday 17 July 2012 - 07:13:18

Fifth circle
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citation :
kill me with a deodorant

I think I went a little nuts.

Today is the day: your best friend's funeral. Don't text while driving; that lesson has certainly hit close to home. You had hoped it would be the other way around, but sadly, you have to freshen yourself up for the occasion. One Tuxedo with your signature rose, which you always picked from Miss Smith's front yard, and you are off.

You don't know this, so I might as well tell you now: Miss Smith absolutely hated you. She pays one of the employees at the Funeral home to rig your best friend's coffin with a device which shoots hydrochloric Acid at the Push of a button.

You walk into the Funeral home. You wave to Miss Smith, and stand at the coffin. You Wish your friend goodbye and other things when Miss Smith triggers the device. The Acid splashes your face and melts much of it, but you are still very much alive. You clench your face, but the Pain is too much to endure, so you fall to the floor. At this point, some kid walks up to you with the deodorant spray daddy always kept with him which he steals. He manages to unscrew the cap, release the pressure and dump the whole thing into your face because you Scream the words "My face! It's burning up!" You get up and actually make it to the gurney under your own power.

You wake up in the hospital just fine, except three days later and that Miss Smith's face is stitched where yours used to be. She felt remorseful, so she killed herself and left her face to you. Lucky you. You smell yourself and the Stench is horrible, so you pick up the deodorant can your friends left in the care package. You start to put it on, but your face hasn't quite healed, so it starts to hurt. You spray some into the open wound by mistake, and it hurts more, so you slam the deodorant can into the side of the bed, creating a dent in the can. The pressure from this dent brakes the valve, spraying deodorant into the cut again. You get even more angry, so you get up and walk around with the can at Hand in a fit of rage. You spike it to the ground and it explodes. One of the shards from the can, about four inches long, lands in your eye and you clench it while leaning back. The nurses left the window open because the air conditioner wasn't working today, and unfortunately you fall out of the window onto the grass fifteen feet below. The shard is Impaled into your brain through your eye socket when you land on your face.

The Blood you leak smells sweet to the local coyotes. They drag away your Corpse and make sure it is never seen again.

Kill me with my own contact lenses.

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