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logo Pain (SWE)

Band's list Industrial Metal Pain (SWE)


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    933 Fans
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Current line-up

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Peter Tägtgren
: Vocals, All instruments
[since 1996], Lindemann, Hypocrisy, The Abyss, ex-Bloodbath, ex-Algaion, ex-Lock Up, ex-Dellamorte, ex-War
Johan Husgafvel
: Bass
[since 2007]
David Wallin
: Drums
[since 2003]
Michael Bohlin
: Guitar
[since 2007], ex-Steel Attack

Past members

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Andrea Odendahl : Guitar [2005]
Reidar Horghagen "Horgh" : Drums [1999], session member, Hypocrisy, Immortal, ex-Grimfist
Alla Fedynitch : Bass [2005], Eyes Of Eden, ex-Neon Sunrise, ex-Leaves' Eyes, ex-Atrocity, ex-Enemy Of The Sun
Marcus Jidell : Guitar [2007-2008]
Andre Skaug : Bass [2007], Clawfinger
Yngve Liljebäck "Saroth" : Bass
René Sebastian : Guitar [2008]


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  • Pain - Eleanor Rigby (Live at Masters of Rock, Vizovice, 2012)

  • Pain - Same Old Song (Live at Masters of Rock, Vizovice, 2012)

  • Pain - Shut Your Mouth (ft Rob Dukes) (Live at Masters of Rock, Vizovice, 2012)

  • Pain - Bye Die

  • Pain - The Great Pretender

  • Pain - Shut Your Mouth

  • Pain - Dirty Woman

  • Pain - Have a Drink on Me

  • Pain - Monkey Business

  • Pain - Shut Your Mouth (Live in Bordeaux, France)

  • Pain - Eleanor Rigby (Live in Bordeaux, France)

  • Pain - Follow Me (Live in Bordeaux, France)

  • PAIN - Follow Me Making Of

  • PAIN - Follow Me (Ft. Anette Olzon)

  • Pain - Follow Me (Live at Club Tavastia, Helsinki, Sweden)

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