Hell >> Kill the person above you...
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Monday 19 July 2010 - 10:19:19
Here's a sadistic little spamming thread game you people might like :

The rules are simple, one person types a word (or more..)  and the one who posts next has to Kill him/her with that, preferably in a gruesome and creative way ^ ^

Example: I write 'fork'

The next person says: 'You get stabbed in the eyes with a fork and Die from the Infection' and gives the next word.

OK, now try killing me with...

a paper tissue
Whoever forgets to post the word, we'll take the first noun from the first review on the main page of SOM

[EDIT] Just so you know : Don't do this at home (or anywhere else, actually!) 0 0 0

Monday 19 July 2010 - 11:29:22
your nose is running like Hell , and you cant find tissues , so you will Die Drowning with your mucus


Monday 19 July 2010 - 11:37:42
You're at a concert, you think it is lame for a Death Metal band to have keyboards so you start shouting that the keyboard player is a pussy. The keyboard player has Anger management issues, so he grabs the keyboard and starts giving headblows with it, leaving you dead in a pool of blood.

You appear on their next album's cover


Monday 19 July 2010 - 11:54:47
you are at a football stadium , cheering your favorite football team among guys Hate your team , so the carry and throw you from the stadium to the playground , and you wont Die fast , you will keep screaming for help but no one will listen , so you will Die slowly and painfully

a bed

Monday 19 July 2010 - 12:08:21
the tooth fairy accidently left a bomb under your pillow in exchange for that premolar... 0 

Monday 19 July 2010 - 13:55:41
The hat you are wearing contains a very rare and deadly virus which burns your skin and melts your brain.


Monday 19 July 2010 - 16:19:09
I'll take psycho_metal to Alabama, get him so drunk that he becomes rather Aggressive, I then get him to shout out the words. COUNTRY AND WESTERN MUSIC SUCKS, I LOVE GAY Sex, I Hate WHITE PEOPLE, NASCA IS RUBISH, GOD IS A DICK.
The people of Alabama get so MAD, they take him to the nearest electric chair. I ask the angry MOB if I can be the one who flicks the switch. I don't bother with the hood or soaking the sponge because I have torture on my mind, I want to bring the Pain on psycho_metal. I then proceed to flick the switch again and again and again and again, until his flesh is nice and crispy. I then snack on his crispy flesh with a beer, laughing a Evil laugh, Muahahahahaha... Muahahahahahaha... Muahahahahahaha.


Monday 19 July 2010 - 17:51:05
Chaining to a chair, while sending wave after wave of Mutant babies to gnaw at your legs. When they are done, I'll make you drink baby Blood to Survive for the rest of your life. And for the finale, I'll never let you leave that chair and I'll force you to listen to Baby by Justin FAGGOT for the rest of your life until you die. Those chains prevent you from committing suicide!!!!!!!

Beat that, even though it's really screwed up

The Force

Monday 19 July 2010 - 19:21:28

citation :
Mercenarion says: I'll force you to listen to Baby by Justin FAGGOT for the rest of your life until you die. Those chains prevent you from committing suicide!!!!!!

You've gone to far with this

I would chain you on a wall, with 3 giant bricks in front of you going slowly backwards, after they are 500 miles away from you, i will unleash them, so that they hit you with enormous force.

i hope someone understood it

Monday 19 July 2010 - 20:25:33
You were sitting on a bench in the park, when a kid on a tricycle passes by. You watch him go, remembering the good old childhood days when you had one. Then tears come to your eyes seeing how old you are and how many worries you have and realise that there is absolutelly no way to return to how you were... you feel immense Sadness and despair for your situation and have Panic attacks. You can't Sleep at night and can't eat because of the imense Stress, you become an emo, write poems about tricycles and cut yourself,  and you finally Die from a Heart Attack caused by stress...