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Biography : Demenzia

Demenzia is a melodic death metal band that was formed in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2003 by members of the black metal band Shadowland. After some initial line-up changes the band started playing a lot of fesetival and club shows around their hometown Sofia and released their first demo CD a.d. 542. In 2005 another demo called Demenzia followed and the band was already establishing themselves in the Bulgarian metal scene. In November 2006 the band released their debut album Different Seasons with their new label IMSB. The album was released only in Bulgaria, where it received serious attention from the fans.

The band supported the release with a lot of club shows and in 2007 the band was invited and appeared on two big international festivals. They were the Metal Healing festival in Greece (where they shared the scene with world-famous bands like Rage, Septic Flesh, The Haunted and Destruction) and Red Alert Open Air in Ukraine (whose headliners were other big names in metal music worldwide – Deicide, Vader, Suffocation, Immolation, Benediction). At this moment the band is preparing for a tour that will take them all over Bulgaria in mid May together with their Turkish collegues Cenotaph. Additionally, the band is writing new material that will surely be even stronger, more mature and catchier than their previous work.


"a.d 542" /demo, 2003/
"Demenzia" /mini CD, 2005/
"Different Seasons" /album, 2006, IMSB & NOX Studio/

Source : http://www.myspace.com/demenziaband