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logo Immolation

Band's list Death Metal Immolation


Status Formed In


    USA (Yonkers, New York)
Popularity   Fans
    1291 Fans
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Current line-up

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Ross Dolan
: Vocals, Bass
[since 1988]
Robert Vigna
: Guitar
[since 1988], ex-Rigor Mortis (USA-2)
Steve Shalaty
: Drums
[since 2003], ex-Escalation Anger, ex-Odious Sanction, ex-At No End, ex-Deeds Of Flesh
Bill Taylor
: Guitar
[since 2001], Perdition Temple, ex-Blackened Wisdom, ex-Feldgrau, ex-Laceration (USA), ex-Xenomorph, ex-Acheron (USA), ex-Angelcorpse

Past members

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Thomas Wilkinson : Guitar [1988-2001], ex-Rigor Mortis (USA-2)
Craig Smilowski : Drums [1991-1996], Rellik (USA), ex-Violemosh, ex-Goreaphobia, ex-Masada, ex-Perverseraph, ex-Terreign, ex-Incantation (live)
Neal Boback : Drums [1988-1989]
Alex Hernandez : Drums [1999-2002], ex-Dysphoria (USA), ex-Fallen Christ, ex-Requiem Aeternam (URU), ex-Disassociate
John McEntee : Guitar [2001], session member, Incantation, Funerus, ex-Goreaphobia, ex-Mortician (USA), ex-Revenant (USA-1)


Demo I (Démo - )mp3Lyrics 
Demo II (Démo - )mp3Lyrics 
Dawn of Possession (Album - )mp3LyricsReviews
1994 Promotional Demo (Démo - )mp3Lyrics 
Stepping on Angels...Before Dawn (Compilation - )mp3Lyrics 
Here in After (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Failures for Gods (Album - )mp3LyricsReviews
Close to a World Below (Album - )mp3LyricsReviews
Unholy Cult (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Harnessing Ruin (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Shadows in the Light (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Majesty and Decay (Album - )mp3Lyrics 
Kingdom of Conspiracy (Album - )mp3LyricsReviews


  • IMMOLATION Delirium fest 13, Châlons-en-Champagne (FR), 18 avril 2015

  • Immolation - Indoctrinate

  • Immolation - All That Awaits Us (Live at Neurotic Deathfest, The Netherlands, 2013)

  • Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy (Trailer #2)

  • Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy

  • Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy (Trailer #1)

  • Immolation - Majesty and Decay (Studio Report, Pt. I)

  • Immolation - Majesty and Decay (Studio Report, Pt. II)

  • Immolation - Majesty and Decay (Studio Report, Pt. III)

  • Immolation - Live at Metalmania Fest

  • Immolation - Close to a World Below (Live at Stonehenge Festival, 2009)

  • Immolation - Passion Kill (Live at Hellfest, 2009)

  • Immolation - Father, You're Not a Father (Live in San Francisco, 2010)

  • Immolation - Swarm of Terror (Live at Stonehenge, 2009)

  • Immolation - Unholy Cult (Live at Stonehenge Festival, 2009)

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