Monumentum (ITA) : Ad Nauseam

Doom Gothique / Italie
(2002 - Tatra Records)
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An eyeless sky
Whispers the rain
Drops fall and fall
In a sea of mud

Derisory smiles
For those who waste time,
Hot currency for those
Who died inside

Open your eyes
No scar remained
It was only a new
Pain to pay

Feed yourself
With my sacrifice
Kill yourself with
Your moralities

(But) there are no answers
For there are no questions
The abyss is open
Over the door
(But) there are no answers
For there are no questions
I aim for the marble
I missed the last call for life

Shine your light
Over to me
Help me and see the
Way to the sun

This is a life
Concealed with crimes
I'll sleep awake and
Drown into shame

I trusted your guide
But you are alive
(While) I an crawling
In unclean flood

Ordinary lifestyle
Has now passed-by
Cool water bless
The final medicine



(No lyrics available)


Slices of my limbs
Over your best collection of feelings

They are staring and smiling
As from a photobook

Where all your beloved ones
Dance naked

Stripped of every shame
And every fear of every day

And they are dancing
Dancing around
Loosing hairs
As time goes by

Leaves are raining
On the corpses of the chosen ones
While magma and snow are devouring
Any certainty left for us

Slowly turning pale
In your embrace


In the vast sea of my old age
I stare the wall and breath
My final waves

Sometimes I feel so cold
My image cold as stone

I used to live
Like an old man by the sea
Every kind of torment
Is well known by me
Is revealed to me
And in deep blue water I see
The monster who dwells in me

His name is decay
His name is decay

I used to be an old man
Living by the sea
How many shades floating
In this fiction, foreseen

My days are over now
My arms have melt down
The sweetest taste of life
And the glorious days of mine
Were just a state of mind,
Were just bread for mankind


Perché il mio amore affonda in questa vita nudo mistico affamato
Perché ho un destino oscuro e non paura avendo aperto il cuore al mio infinito senza soldi senza onore libero nei sogni del mattino

Perché io credo che ogni erba è santa così il silenzio i mantra il vuoto il Buddha i sogni
Perché il terrore è quando il corpo esplode urlando a morte negri mafia skinheads
India Roma e Tibet santo nel mio cuore
I'universo entra e esce in questo corpo immobile nel vuoto

Perché rinuncio ai figli in questa vita
No human flesh for the catholic throat and the holy wars
Perché mi sveglio e immagino il futuro e vedo uomini con uomini con donne amarsi ovunque e non paura lentamente scendo verso il mare

Perché mi siedo in terra a respirare e resto immobile per ore e ore
Perché il mio corpo è unico e mortale ti lascio scarpe calze e fogli scritti nel silenzio per trovare un po' di pace poi sporcando appena il cielo vengo nel tramonto della sera


(No lyrics available)


I can't focus
Useless moments
That would fill my time
Of apparently intense colour

Breaking glasses
Hide the boredom
Of an awful life
Of constantly repeating
Numbers, letters and chances...

You are missing
Your nonsense habits
Which dry of meaning
The genious theories.
You finally realize
How well-hidden was
This long flat line

Without the least enthusiasm
And over the simple memory
Of the nice beginnings
That never let you think
About the abrupt ends


Safety not me
Trust is a must
Master of intrigues
Our ways part here

Stone apples
Blast the forest
Of ice that keeps
Me away from

The true, the beautiful and the good
Slave of remote control
I stand nowhere
But not anywhere

Have faith in me
Friends, believe
In what you do
Not know

I threw my stone apple
Into the ice
The forest of ice
Separates my realm

Of the true, the beautiful and the good
Master of remote control
Captive of intimacy



The sky looked like an autumn field
Shimmering grain and liquid gold
My family and me, flew with the bus

We took of on the runway,
Bid the earth farewell
We accelerated towards the water
At a frightening pace I humbly went forward

We sank in the strait between
The two factories
I played in a child

We were reaping for Abel
When his wicked machine
Came upon us in ambush

Speeding towards us down the steep hillside
Skinning the soil of its
Blessed owner I am Cain

Founder of the city
I am Cain
Civilisation without pity


Surrounded by dim lights I am
Alone and isolated
And nobody would help

Somewhere over the rainbow,
They granted a place for me
But here, under the rainbow,
They step on me

I will always live
Distant from your blind anger
Screaming eternal silence
In my little wide secret garden
I decay,
I decay,

And you even complain
Without the least regret

A wall separates your illusions
Quieting your stupid laughs

Protected by destiny and wind
Sweet enemies of mine
Forget about me


And you even complain

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