Inquisition (USA) : Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan

Black Metal / Etats-Unis
(2002 - War Hammer Records / Iron Pegasus Records)
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Les paroles


Powers of destruction embrace me with might
For Annihilation of the sacred king!
I am the fallen angel summoning his death
Abaddon, the one of war, I call upon his crown

Instruments of torture in the hands of sin
I tear the flesh off the face of God
Shadows from a crescent moon at night they speak...
Words that embrace me with powers from the abyss

King of the shadows
Mystical God
Give me the strength
Like the black winds
Oh! Abaddon!
Lord of all death
Give me the power
That you possess


I am lord Satan, I am your king,
Master of shadows, ruler of Hell.
Realm of all darkness, sorrow and death.
Kingdom of torture is my domain.
Follow the path that leads to the left...
In it you find wisdom and pride.
Fire and water, earth and all air.
These are the jewels to you I give.

Brothers of shadows, those of the cult... sing to the heavens blasphemous hymns.
You are the ones that
I behold deep in my claws as weapons for war.
Rays from the moon carry my words for you to feel my presence at night.
Now is the time to reign on this earth...
Creatures of Satan, creatures of mine.

On this night of a mystic moon...
We invoke you king of Hell
Ancient god of fire thrones
Make your presence be seen
Oh! Lord of mine
Touch me with your magic hoof
Hail Lucifer the prince
Hail Satan king of kings


Strong mighty warriors of Satan's cult arise
Now is the time to kill followers of Christ
Preachers of the Jewish faith must also meet their death
Gather all your weapons for the war against the light

Battlefields in churches is a vision we all have
And cutting off the head of every Jewish Christian pig
They turn the other cheek and we give them death
Honoring our ancestors we give them our revenge

Abbadon, the ancient god of destruction and all death...
Is the one that is asking that we answer his wish
Sacrifice the lambs of God legions of black arts!
Satan shall feel proud that we help him reign on earth

Under mystic fullmoon skies we honor Satan's throne
In return for the worship we are given arms of war
Massacre the holy ones again and again
This is a battle that will never have an end

Warriors of Satan killing for their lord
Mutilated angels falling from the heavens
In the battlefield is where the truth shall be revealed
I stand in the pits of sulphur and fire


Rites of sacrifice in darkness offering the flesh for thee...
Master, ruler of the underworld of fire
I desire, waiting on the altar
Stars that shine, moon that hides rising behind mountains
Here in these lands of Carthage where Baal reigns supreme
At hight as we stand on the edge of black abysmal thrones
Of death, thrones of fire, burning infant victims in the pit of hellish fire endlessly on this night of doom.

Child, victim of mine, now your time has arrived, lay now
On the altar and perish in eternal fire from hell fire from
Baal, burning as the solar gods consume your flesh from earth and the sea summoning the ancient king
Of death ritually offering sweet blood.
To the moon, cosmic throne of the sky
I sing songs of death as I cut infant flesh deeply.
Oh! Ancient rite on this night of a full moon!

Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Kill the child in the night.
Cut the flesh, burn the bones, spread the ash on the throne
Demons in the abyss summoned through the rites of human...
Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Kill the child in the night.
Cut the flesh, burn the bones, spread the ash on the throne
Demons in the abyss summoned through
The rites of infant death.


In the cryptic shadows of the mystic full moon night,
Echoes from the chanting hymns of darkness bray with might.
Here I stand in mountains where the pagan songs are sung,
Only to invoke the mighty ancient king of hell.

Satan, in the night we summon thee,
Chanting magic words of blasphemy.
Black mass in a lonesome cryptic land...
Worship of the black majestic throne!

Members of infernal worship gather in the night,
Serving Satan and his demons for the heathen rise.
Voices from a lonely forest honors natures ways,
In the form of ceremonies that invoke the king.

Satan, in the night we summon thee,
Chanting magic words of blasphemy.
Black mass in a lonesome cryptic land...
Worship of the black majestic throne!

In these lonesome heathen lands torches summon demon winds,
Fire now ignites the skies.
Rites of darkness shall begin as
I raise my ritual sword standing within a pentagram.
Thunder bolts in the skies of
Fire burning heaven's realm of gold,
Angels fall with burning wings.
Wars in cosmic battlefields is the answer to my call,
Mighty is our victory.

Melancholic are the sounds coming from a distant land,
haunted are the holy ones.
Could it be the rays of moons shinning on the ancient throne
Making saddened melodies?
Deep within the funeral night where my presence is not seen
I am a lord that reigns supreme.
I invoke majestic throne of lord Satan and his horde.
Loyal forever I shall be...


Followers of heathen culture, gather!
Now is the time to unite.
We are the sons of a true god,
Mighty creator of our race.

Elements of nature grant us wisdom,
Domination, power and control.
Those are the ways of survival
For existence of the wolven breed.

Ceremonies of the heathens,
Deep inside a mystic temple.
Voices of an ancient cult
Are chanting to the hymns of night.

Worshipping the moon in the darkness
Far in a land of solitude.
Summoning the ancients of Woodlands.
Summoning the demons of the sea.

Dressed in a shiny black robe I uphold a torch.
All in the name of my master
Ruler of the underworld of fire.
Lord of the strong and the brave
Your arrival I await.
King of the heathens, I sing to thee!

Hail... Lucifer
Hail... Abaddon
Hail... Beelzebub
Hail... Satan


Dark evil winds that are blowing through the skies in the
Realm of Satan's shadows are the sounds of tortured souls.
Worshipping the pagan gods of unholy war in the darkest Caves of ancient lands that inspire gloom.
Roaming through the lonely forest casting evil spells to The sacred heavens of the gods that we must destroy.
Members of Satanic legions marching into war singing Ancient battle hymns raising bloody swords.

Killing feeble Christians all in master Satan's name.
Soldiers dressed in black waving banners of the horde.
Sons of the moon that were born in its bays are the ones That will fight in the war against light.
Oh! King of mine with a pentagram that shines, your cryptic
Realm of shadows shall forever reign supreme.
Open wide gates of hell! Show me death with your fire!

Deep under moon skies far in a forest,
Voices in the wind sing melodies of sadness.
Rites of a black mass hiding in the dark fog,
Summoning the demons in the name of Satan...

Lord of inferno! Hail the hell throne!
Show me the gateway to your mighty kingdom
Realm of the shadows forever reigning,
Like eternal darkness... In the name of Satan

Dark ancient rites summon the horned God
Altar of death, altar of doom... Arise!
Unholy blood spills on the dead earth
I summon thee Lord Satanas, now!


Sons of the God Satanas, lord of shadows,
Raise your left hand; give the sign of the goat!
I call upon demon thrones with these words:
"My blood is yours king of mine... Lucifer".

Black ritual knife in my hand held up high.
I cut my flesh; slash my neck and my wrist.
Oh! Shiny chalice slowly fills with my blood.
Oh! Death is near, take me now lord of shadows...

Dark mystic night sings, as I die songs that invoke fires form hell.
Grieving in pain I slowly bleed as I caress wounds in my flesh.
Enter my world of cryptic death; take your own life into the graves.
I am the one that summons thee... lord of the night, master of death.


Worshiper of Satan,
Forever I am
Loyal to my master,
Ancient king of hell
I summon demons,
With unholy words
Pentagram of fire,
Burning sacred Gods

Pantheon of Satan,
In the cosmic realm
Saddaned winds of death,
Storming through the heavens
Imperial dark hymn,
To you I sing
Lucifer the fallen one...
Imperial prince

"In the name of Satan, Lucifer and all demons of the
Infernal Cult...
We speak the words of truth that
We have been given by your wisdom.
We sing the imperial hymn as our tribute
To the pantheon of hell".

I am the one that is summoning thee,
Leader of the fire cult and master of the black throne.
Imperial hymn for our master
Satan shall raise him high far above the tears of God.
I call upon gods of destruction,
War and revenge for the end of sacred lands.
Dark unholy forces flocking
It's black wings to our hidden temple
Where we summon our imperial king



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