God Forbid (USA-1) : Reject the Sickness

Metalcore / Etats-Unis
(1999 - PR Records)
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Les paroles

1. Amendment


Retribution, handed down to you
Generation, to generation
Guilty by association

We are laid to rest
No more of the lies
Justice shall be served in my eyes
Eradicate the flow of society
Joined hands together in unity

Justice for all as the saying goes
If you dont have the money it just isnt so

Decades of aggression towards a common source
The belief of freedom is murmured all at once
No choice for you or me
Free liberties are the promise yet to see
All are created equal as the saying goes
But if you look different its not so

So many colors races and creeds
But in the end is liberty guranteed?
Freedom of choice is up to you
Only if you follow through

So many colors races and creeds
But in the end is liberty guranteed?
Freedom of choice is up to you

2. Reject The Sickness

Shattered dreams of you and I
Always awakened distilled by tourtured lies
Growing through out eternity
The love that died is now eating at me,
Choice made to prolong death
The empty feeling of your last caress

No one knows where the time has gone
Destined to stand all alone, thriving off the
Anguish of life
The broken hopes of yesterday forsaken to believe
The fire burned beneath, he fear has become stronger
Behind her stubborn pride

State of confusion
Reject the sickness

Torn between love and hate.
That is what I feel
Hoping to understand why, my heart aches for you as you crush my pride

My soul cant find rest, a contrast in view has made it clear
Thoughts shared were untrue. cloned feelings of past failures

State of confusion
Reject the sickness

Shattered dreams of you and I, awakened distilled by tourtured lies
Growing through out eternity. the loved that died
Is now eating me.
Choice made to prolong the death
The empty feeling of your last caress

3. N2

Born to die, lapse of concentration
Dethroned by force. from your desire
Lost in transition can not arrive
Grief for separation unwilling to change

Anxiety creeps through your creation
Despite the dismissal of your faith
Broken chains drive through your veins
Cant breathe lack of air
Through submission
Changing desire from birth to death
Loss of sense
Sway your own perception
Lating chage dulls your view
Life will emerge through your own creation
Born life revolves around your own recreation

4. Assed Out

Chosen few to walk in peace
Standing at the gate
Crossing all the fields of dreams you
Must not hesitate life has dealt the
Hand from hell which there is no escape
Testing all the cards of chance to unseal
Your fate

Assed out is what they see. on wrong move
Assed out they will be
Step by step they move searching viscously
Not knowing the price of their insanity

Assed out is what they see. assed out is what they ll be

Come into my realm of pain filled with deceit and lies
If you cross my path again you will meet your demise
Time has come to stand and what now must be done
If you chose to fight no more
You will now have won

Assed out

5. Ashes Of Humanity (Regret)

Why is it like that? my words have gone unheard
Things I meant to say, are lost never to be heard.
I loved you and now miss you
All my tears are now falling for my lost words.
I hope your happy where you are, rest in peace

The day of reckoning is now at hand, we will miss you
Until the end of time, my hope is that your free
Your new home I feel is good for you
Though I wish we could speak one last time.
Things neglected now seem so far away
I hope you can forgive me for what I had not said
Are you happy for this pain I feel. will I remember?
Yes I will, I will see you one day.
So rest in peace, good bye I will not forget the joy
You brought.
Your spirit is now endless
No more pain

6. Dark Waters

Try me again
No one believes
There is no concern
Only truth remains
Sorrow is discouragins, pain is absolute
Stress becomes the everyday
Agony leads to evil thought
Ravage thoughts open mind
Fear create my blood thirst
Murder seems rational
Lust sin cost life
Fall before the one theyll be no mercy
No return needless penance, justice served

7. Heartless


8. Weather The Storm

Meaningless morals of class unlike you
A struggle of embrace words which ring untrue

Weather the storm
Go your own way
Weather the storm
Go your own way

For freedom against the lies told to you
Events yet to come

Sanitized anger of parallel journeys drive to
Chaotic change unjustly accused of constant abuse
At the hands of others bent on control
Returning home through the unseen eye of a child
Not knowing right from wrong

Regurgitation of old becoming new,
Corrupting bowels of society values
Plague for domination
Lower class bent on redemption

Weather the storm
Go your own way

9. The Century Fades

Death lies in wait, unready to reveal itself.
The emptiness of tradgedy left in its path.
Wrecking havoc, no not time or place only that it will be too late.

A dark mist falls before your eyes. the eternal
Sleep has become, no thoughts or words serene pleasure now exist.
Echos of laughter remain a fond memory.

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