Damaged (AUS) : Do Not Spit

Les paroles


Breathe, naturally dependent, see?
Proof!!?...example... tree
Of life and death from core 'till bark
Severed cut defined
Chip away at every root
Seeping self abuse
Running forward glancing back
Skin the golden goose
Impro-evolution trends
Trust it to be you that lies unfeeling

You generate prophetic insight
Breathe, heave, rising damp cut

Turning back to see yourself
Walking after someone else

On your way to demonstrate
Don't forget to shut the gate
Be the air you breathe

Walk away, puzzled by solutions? breathe
Choke on darwinistic dyes
Spit the teeth of progress
In my eye.
Your general apathetic insight
Times seen lies educate
Turning back to see myself
Talking after no one else

Spat back in your eye
Evolution's dreggs


Tank full primed pinned saves bleed up
Tangled torn assimilate another care of apathy
Dig another well of therapy
Mined cut dirt dug from the ground beneath u

Sink teeth try u turn coming down syndrome
Spray scratch pine, and bring it down into haste
Strive on consistency, why wait, holding a cup of thirst
Lasting thoughts insane tasting insists adding sprinkles
Of salt to the pain.

Coming down syndrome all fate lies in wait
To pin you down excavate
Rife mediocrity
Lactate, cold inner emptiness
Inspire? substitutes, dialate, instant fried

Inside decay dependents day banal the fruit ferment the
The memories I can't recall depend the trend for warts n' all
A path direct to self neglect, to compensate correct in hate
Polluted crushed impatient scud, diluted vibrant pissing in

Come to kill yourself.
Apocalypse lights set way
Theocratic lessons...insight??
Blind, stray
Lessons sold
Sought like gold

Laughing nihilist, burns away
Bleed thru
Chastities not my enemy, it's you
Bleeding hope.


Rape injector, supreme subject her punch blind history
Masochist fist makes me pissed with you. break
Undirected point of fury
Executing judge (and jury)
Victimized, immortalized,
Cultured asleep, harvested deep,
Inside us all

Doin the best i can, raping the travellin' man
In them i've been all i could be, father, voyeur, paranoia
Fucked by love, huh? starved by instinct,
Travellin' man, answer the call, deep in us all

Broken suffocate guilt related,
Jealousy unbound, understand I'll bet u never could no!

In them I've been shame, the pleasures to gain,
From breaking the boundaries of pain
Harnessed, to take control breathless
Silence stinging soul

Fucking the guilt away stop being anti-social

Devastate, separate, cut the guilt away
In them i'll be, misogyny, erected, beaten tied with chains of pride
Genetically, derived gene hate
Autonomistress whipping self despair dilapidate, and imitate,
Discover it's the closest thing to being there
Cut, holed, gut pumping phallus mutilates
And loves so hard it dislocates,
In them I've been an attitude, amatory


Token casting, permanent, lasting
Rise on your own feet in your back

Rise imminent tools consummate rage
Socialist stage liberalize lies
Ideal allies colonial ties
Mirror of sin U.S.Akin

Our, mothered country, colony
Handed down by sovereignty
Alienate subversive tract, continental retro act
Intro-spective sucking fool
Underpaid redundancy
Leave uncultured primal wake
Endless fucking give n take

Race, run, reason, hatred, handed down
Raised run western in a kingdom
Missionary cast, culled, killing all opinion
Elementary boundaries, keep it underneath

I haven't been the dead heart inadequate
Abomination, spawn a tyranny
Rent, missionary sickness
Squeezing out the life, this, rudimentary seed

Bound, gagged, mutant elevation
This is what it feels like
Being what it is, not, knowing where to start
(you) can't walk away

Rise eminent fools consummate rage
Cultural stage fantasize lies
And idealize mirror of skin
U.S.A king locking you in.

Why sympathize, exemplified, paralysed

Taxed taken up
Handed down regal crown
You fucking fool with your social lies, alibies
Indifferent identities. end extreme, all extreme.




Taste me
In haste
I waste
Blood grit
Mind spit

Pound the head, common senses dread
Cutting ulcers within
Living under my skin

Inflict upon me
Thinking of you
Reoccur opening mind pits
Dimensions gaining
My temple straining
Inside out feeling again

I've tried
To taste
Mind grit
Blood spit


Sick of it all, of the names that you call
And that way that you walk
(what to say, when to talk)
Ending freedom of thought
(prove the proof in truth)
That is acting aloud, abnormalities proud
Aren't you?

Don't try pull the padlock on your pen
Predestined enforcement, stains, idealistic pigeon hole
Don't loose the key to end control

No purpose reason truth fact right o' left
Last crack first back there's nowhere left to go
Can't move, is it it?, looks hard, does it fit?
Imminent crusade, opposite afraid, decadent

Don't spit, don't bleed, don't have, don't please
Don't walk, can't, won't try, don't please, oh!
Can't move, can't breathe, can't go
Doctrined conform suppositories
Believe in it
It's everywhere
Just look around
N' see yourself
Believing it.

Rigmarole, on control
Vacant won't, don't decadent.


Obsessed by your words whilst oppressing my thoughts
Recessive minds cry depressing his life
Ignorance binds my hate the way he tries to dictate
His buttered tongue denies expendable despised
Disregard his thought contemplating your world
Those words of wisdom which you always contradict
The deformation you speak all inner self u defeat
We don't believe a word u say your full of shit!

Angers displayed (my hate) search in the mind
To tell the truth that u find
Feelings betrayed (your fate) probing for pain
Cannot be obtained
Opinion depraved (your law) time to decide into who's self u
Will hide
Respect broken (my war) thoughts that u fight to
Tell the truth that you spite
(your obsessed)


Spawn from lies all truth as your demise
Is the mindless drive in his act
From society breed depravity systematic extinction of the
Contemptuous mind enlightened by his kind
Resurrect the words of which you repeat
Harvester will blind your toxic blackened mind
Destroyed n' immolated seed of hate
Regressing thru time (you cry)
Cloud cover grey heart burned from new light of day
Now all progression is blind (your life)
Seasoned lies freed unleash the tangible breed
Until the reasons u find (I've tried)
Meaningless grind strangles the growth in your mind
(in tears you picture the days)
Ask why we lust the peace now that your bullshit has
Sweet justice!!!
Take my blood
My life
My love
My insecurity
Way my thoughts
My words
And dreams
My fucking liberties
Read my scars
My hurt
My cries
The bleeding fears inside
Blind my screams
My hate my eyes
Ignore the reasons why

Caged grind mental torture turning pain
Hard truth all words progress to gain
Heart strings torn ego matter slain be
Set free from me
Locked mind thrive from those that you deceive
Lost youth life beyond reprieve

Forged pain behind can't be retrieved
You days n' years hide
Guilty cheers have died


Walk blind and burn in every step

Indifferent to particular sides
Capture a soul, symbolic of status thats found
Instinctively drives down desire
Becoming greedier

Walk the line scream out in the face of
Impossibility, imagine that, plutocrat
Mistaking traits of lust for disgust
Or honesty?

Round and round, purpose, will and chance or inflicted
Suffering a tailored fate
That suffering whim of not listening to him
That freedoms built in you

All is always to be it seems to be a therapy
Intent to supplement the torment of being crucified
To satisfy...
Bleed yourself, bleed for realisation
Testify, channel devotion inbound crowned
King solitaire, drive away care, uncover what we are

Be yourself to burn in every step

Shaken and stirred, revelation word
An investor supplier, a martyr messiah
Coming again decadent intent
An idealistic mould uh

No dog but life no wrong but right

It's the boundaries of the mind, prejudicial in the way
Contradicting how to think
Illinformed on what to say

Albies, generalies, crucified, socialies

Fight for power born inbred
Scold the symbol in your head
Illinformed on how to think
Contradicting what u say

Arm the insane, deliberately

Listen to this to that to fable this n' that
Autonomy tries to be control essentially
To believe deny
Correct n' lie in harmony
Descend on the path to "know"
That freedoms built in you


Oh can't you see that's what they do
Suck the marrow out of you
Rake take
All this never ending fucking give
Take break
In my brain there is a stain
Turn till time stands still where no one will
And it makes me wanna kill
Bleed take
Always ever unfulfilled
Holding down that weight of sin
If thats trapped it all within
Leaving primal motives in the way


Fingers staining ink, anxious mouths deliberate
Verbal clones, yesterday's bake today
Crossing the lines of the crimes that you emulate
Talon logic, subjugate, dominate
Listening, to the, vacant, sound
Of silver dollars jangling around
It's our senses, their defence is
Garbage, signed, entwined, designed
Marking places, staining faces
Feeds pop's culture, vultures line
Dogs lament, fingers bent, wet cement
Imitate, inflate, dictate
Breed prized pasture bulls to age
Harnessing the vice
Give in, what you take
Nails in the cake of lies
Right time out to portray you
All right, drain, drain, drain
Leaves fall, off style, breed in a few yen ten
Girlfriend employed, destroyed, repeat, heat, eat
Tell me i'm fucked, steroid employed, product
Groomed and condemned to a level state of grace
Like u
Silence, pirate, virus, tyrant, tune gods
Sheltered mind, the listening blinds
Drink the life of millions, see men,
Chase the bitterness with ice

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