As They Burn : Aeon's War

Deathcore / France
(2011 - Siege Of Amida Records)
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Door open for a new utopia more unhealthy
Than periods when we were decimated.
A new awareness.
New goals as useless as each other.
Nobody is able to see your face in hell.
Your fingerprints are under control.
The end will be the same for all.
This is a new day,
Where your thoughts will be built on dogma,
Hopes will be more than dreams.
Your faith will become so goddamn hopeless.
I know you’re scared of your imaginary god.
Pray for your soul and fight for the new trial
Don’t be afraid of the profanes
And the misfortunes of the damned queen.
You deserve this pain, did you think before you acted ?
Now you look so blind. I want the universe to rise.
This is the darkest war born from tragedy.
All my soldiers are blessed by your fears,
Beyond this suffering a new world is coming.
Our life will be (in)control.
“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”.


I am the dead holy guardian angel master
Of my divine nature, counselor of my will
I tasted pleasure and enjoyed it.
I enjoyed what you banned.
I enjoyed your restrictions.
Your ego, your blasphemies are so low
And my soul is so pure.
Choronzon doesn’t forgive me again.
Through this hood I am born again.
City of the pyramids, I am the newly elected.
Your gates will be open for me whore of Babylon.
Exalt me.
My visions do not come from the sky.
I wanna pray straight from the ashes of hell.
You’ve gotta know my vision is not yours.
So fuck you all, I don’t care about your business.
You are dust and will become dust again.
My mortal mind does not want to help you.
“Only the gods will pervert your mind,
Only profanes will pervert your mind”.


She’s shadowed the circle of stars
And was covered by the morning clouds.
Her feet are swifter than the winds,
Her hands are swifter than the morning dew.
Her garments are still the same.
Her dwelling is in herself.
The lions don’t know where she walks,
And neither do the beasts of the fields.
She is deflowered, still a virgin.
Cast your old bitches and burn your clothes.
Abstain yourself from the company of other women
That are defiled and sluttish.
She is a virgin.
She will open her legs and stay naked before you.
Scarlet woman, Scarlet goddess.


Imagine a society, where nothing is ruled by your mind
Hope is a limit for the stronger.
I want the treasure the weak.
I am here to honor the sin and to extol my faith.
Blow your head for the great master.
Life is a sin full of compromise,
Life is a lust full of differences.
Life is so vicious but this is what
We are my chemical imagination is full,
My left hand holds the creation of my spirit
And all diseases I love.
I love.


Damned here I am to stay maybe
Another day still waiting for the end.
I guess you bet with death.
Here I am.
This is a plague that you don’t care
About you even lost your convictions.
Nothing will survive next, here I am coward.
This is a plague,
This is a blame for your lovers for all the earth.
And I pray for your soul and
I pray for you deep in the ashes.
It is so impure to stay right here, we need to be pure.
We need to exist, we need to be what we were.
Can this beauty change you all.
A damned nation brought to sacrifice.
God... Lies... God...


I am the natural coming from the energy,
Issued by the will of god for the new aeon’s glory.
Both we will rise for the new age of man.
We still want to explore and destroy the pillars
Of our existence.
That’s why I choose you, to progress
And to build a cult for all those with no conscience.
They forget the notion of time,
We must destroy this fuckin area.
Aeon’s war.
There is no providence but a destiny that concerns us all
Beyond this black veil I see the shadow of Babalon’ sword
Nothing is in control of their mind
Under the influence of madness, of fury.
Nothing is under control.
I am the natural coming from the energy
Issued by the will of god, for the new aeon’s rebirth.


From the lines on this book,
Learn everything that the believers of the cross
Are still hiding from you.
Free your mind of emprisoment.
Destroy these walls to build new ones ready
To bear the weight of truth.
Ô man you are a creature so far away from the truth.
The age of Horus is coming.
Dionysos has restored the laws of nature.
Chaos is on its way.
So many year have passed, forget the real world around us
Forever more deceptions.
You do not see the things like they should be.
Wake up and think.
Build a church for the new wave of faith.
Forget their lost cause, love yourself,
And love those who want to progress.
Deny the ungrateful, forget their voices,
Forget their faces.
“The moon has now a sister even more beautiful
Than it’s predecessors” to exist is to change,
To change is to mature,
To mature is to go on creating onself


This is a state where everything is possible.
All your dreams all your nightmares are turning real
And all your fears disappear.
Confusion is everywhere.
I am the infinite which destroys reality.
I am the new idol for the nihilists.
All my visions are turning real.
Those energies become too powerful.
My mind has gone away joined my bipolar gods.
Again I’m lost with the masterpiece of weakness and blasphemy
So you know what ?
Baby come on, baby come on, don’t be shy, baby swallow.


Youthfulness satisfied by the risk.
A drug that runs through each of your veins,
A life more utopian than ever.
Follow me and have a good time.
God is not alive to punish you.
Your will is here to satisfy you.
Follow the wave, the same that guides
Your missteps since the beginning.
We are alone and misunderstood.
This world has everything to give you
And to take from you a dream so alive, nature so dead
Madness to trust in the evolution of your species.
We are alone.

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