GG Allin's Doctrine Of Mayhem

Liste des groupes Hardcore GG Allin GG Allin's Doctrine Of Mayhem
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Nom du groupe GG Allin
Nom de l'album GG Allin's Doctrine Of Mayhem
Type Album
Date de parution 1990
Style MusicalHardcore
Membres possèdant cet album1


1. Blood for You
2. Darkness and a Bottle to Hold
3. In This Room
4. Sluts in the City
5. Blood for You
6. Abuse Me (I Want to Die)
1. I Wanna Fuck Myself
2. Needle Up My Cock
3. Assfuckin, Buttsuckin
4. You'll Never Tame Me
5. Bite It You Scum
6. I Wanna Piss on You