Couldn't Tell the Bodies Apart

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Nom du groupe Awaiting The Autopsy
Nom de l'album Couldn't Tell the Bodies Apart
Type Album
Date de parution 29 Avril 2009
Style MusicalDeath Brutal
Membres possèdant cet album20


1. Baseball Bat Lobotomy 02:48
2. Backyard Autopsy 02:39
3. Slowmotion Slide Down the Impalement Stake 03:07
4. Feet First Woodchopper Suicide 02:49
5. Intestinal Self Strangulation 02:06
6. Wormpaste 03:27
7. Hung by the Tongue 02:44
8. Full Body Haemorrhage 02:03
9. Torture Garden 01:37
10. Facelifter 02:57
Total playing time 26:17

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Awaiting The Autopsy

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Chronique @ Crinn

19 Fevrier 2012

These guys seriously need a new vocalist...and FAST, because the rest of the band is AMAZING!

It was because of these guys that I now listen to Disentomb, Gutted, Bloodboil, Eden Beast, Slaughterbox, Visceral Disgorge, and pretty much the underground BRUTAL death metal world. In other words, Awaiting the Autopsy led me to Amputated Vein Records (whom all except for one of the bands I just listed are signed on to). I know of no background information other than that there’s this one guy I know who’s CRAZY about them for some reason and considers them his FAVORITE band (I still wonder why). I heard this album and I’ve still kept it because I actually really enjoy listening to it. There is one big thing that caused my score of 17/20 to drop to 14/20 (which is hard to do). If you’re curious as to why, read on my friend.

When you play the first track on the record, you get a taste of some of the most brutal music out there with the headbanging (and awesomely named) track Baseball Bat Lobotomy. But that’s not the track I want you to hear first, I want you to first listen to the SECOND song, Backyard Autopsy. The first reason why is because I want you to hear how fucking powerful their drummer is and how much bass they put on the kick drums. The song starts with an EXPLOSION of speed and brutality which then drops down to one of the most brutal breakdowns I’ve EVER heard in my life and then…I’m sorry I can’t stop laughing at the sound that comes out of the vocalists mouth at the end of the breakdown!

I’m serious, WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE THAT SOUND?? IT DOESN’T SOUND COOL AT ALL! IT SOUNDS RETARDED!! That’s the damn reason why I can’t listen to this album very much is because the shitty vocalist RUINES it! His inhales suck pretty bad as well and sound completely amateur. They seriously need to save the vocalist from Shattered Eyes and have him as their vocalist after they give this piece of crap the boot. This is almost worse than that “EEEEEEE” sound Chris Barnes likes to make.

Thankfully, the sheer brutality and power of the rest of the band (mostly) makes up for the failure (aka vocalist) of the band. If I could, I would love to edit the music and take out the vocal tracks all together because the music on this record is amazing! I’m not joking, this isn’t something that you can miss (if you can just listen to the instrumental parts). The breakdowns have more brutality than the breakdowns of Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, and Here Comes the Kraken COMBINED. Really something that will cause major whiplash to make sure you don’t forget the day you listened to Awaiting the Autopsy.

My compliments to whoever produced this album because it is beyond professional. Except one thing, turn the fucking vocals down. If you’re in the mood for a bass-filled half hour pack of brutality that will leave you in thousands of pieces, this is exactly what you are looking for. Besides the vocalist, this album is amazing. I give this record 14/20.

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CLucker666 - 19 Fevrier 2012: honestly the vocals really don't bother me and i like this band a lot
Crinn - 19 Fevrier 2012: It's hard for vocals to bother me haha, but this is insane, i love the album though
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