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Friday 19 September 2008 - 18:25:40
Ok, here is a little update on the upcoming album Servile Insurrection...
The release date is up and the album is expected to be realesed on the 25th of November. Willowtip is already taking pre-orders with package deals. The new cd has already been re-mixed and re-mastered. (you know your cd is taking forever to be released when it is re-mixed and re-mastered before it's original release date!). If you think the promo song "Question" sounds good, you will love the new mix. It's not a drastic, night and day difference, but it definitely hits harder, and sounds darker/more natural overall.
Two songs are already online, Question and Acts of Sedition. 
Track listing:
1. Question
2. Inverted and inserted
3. Rewards of cruelty
4. Fuck the humans
5. Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis
6. Intervallo del tradimento
7. Acts of sedition
8. Fecalphiliac
9. Spoils of war
10. Deadspeak
11. Servile insurrection