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Friday 11 December 2020 - 19:27:17


ELFFOR - Heriotz Sustraiak  Cassette

Available for the first time on cassette, the ELFFOR’ sixth full-length album. Released originally in 2012, this edition of Heriotz Sustraiak contains 5 songs and offers over 60 minutes of keyboard-driven epic, symphonic and atmospheric Black Metal.

Limited to 100 copies.


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ELFFOR - Unholy Throne of Doom  Cassette

Finally available on cassette. The latest album by long-running DS/Black Metal artist ELFFOR, active since the 90s. Unholy Throne of Doom is a return to his epic Black Metal sound! 4 heroic hymns with the shortest being 10 minutes.

Another true masterpiece, highly recommended!

Limited to 100 copies.

Listen :

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SCHEMER HEER - The Immortal Herald of Ancient Death  Cassette

SCHEMER HEER is a new project spawned from the tortured mind of Maurice de Jong, the maestro behind disquieting audio entities such as GNAW THEIR TONGUE, VETUS SUPULCRUM, DE MAGIA VETERUM, CLOAK OF ALTERING, DODENBEZWEERDER and HAGETISSE among other.

This first EP offers over 18 minutes of a bombastic dark dungeon synth integrating, here and there, some martial and neoclassical elements, thus creating a nightmarish soundtrack. The Immortal Herald of Ancient Death is a terrifying journey through darkness and horror.

Cassette limited to 100 copies, including an exclusive bonus track.


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