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Sunday 28 December 2014 - 04:53:08

Since it's been exactly thirty years, I thought I'd start an appreciation thread for the year 1984.

Some questions to ask:

1. What are your favorite releases from that year? What about your least favorites?

2. Were you around at the time to hear the bands in their prime?

3. If you were around, did you get into tape trading? How about traveling to different gigs around the country or continent? What magazines did you read?

4. If you were or weren't around, do you actively own memorabilia from that time period?

I think it's crazy how metal's come a long way, but I often find myself going back to this particular year for inspirations. There were so many quality bands popping out of nowhere, and it marked a turning point in careers of now-popular bands like Metallica.

If anyone's interested, I put together a list of my top one hundred Metal albums of 1984. The list is quite lengthy, so I'd rather not spam it here. If you're curious, check it out: