Korn >> Korn Hinting At New Song Or An Entire Album Drop?
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Sunday 07 November 2021 - 03:17:18

If you go to Korn's offical website they have a QR code available to scan with an option for getting updates.

They released a VERY short video with a floating head getting smashed in a hand with the lyrics, “Take it all away, the feelings. Break apart the pain and start the healing!”

Going into spotify, if you open up the Best of Korn playlist, they recently updated songs where the beginging letter of each song title spells HEALING! So more than likely, a song called Healing is about to be dropped.


If you have display canvas turned on on Spotify, each of the first seven songs playing spell out all the letters needed to form REQUIEM.

So multiple songs OR an enitre album is soon to be dropped!