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Monday 22 November 2010 - 15:12:31
First of all, hello. I am French so please excuse my scholar (and not perfect) English 0
I opened a similar topic on the French "gothic" forum of SoM and I wanted you English speakers to know it (because an American changed the style of the band a few hours ago so...). Don't worry, I am going to translate what have been said 0 
In fact I don't want us to talk about what we think about the band, but to discuss its musical style that often change from symphonic to gothic and gothic to symphonic. To my opinion, Evanescence plays Symphonic Metal like Within Temptation - which used to be gothic-doom metal.
Now let me give my own arguments (before I translate the answers of the French participants) and if you don't agree me, do not hesitate to get involved - but with arguments please 0

(For the moment I just know "Fallen" from the band, which is the most famous from them)
So, only about the music, for me the band is absolutly not Gothic Metal because :
> there is no crossed or dual riff (which is an obvious lack of melodic concerning the guitars - gothic is one of the most melodic of metal styles)
> too much built around the vocals (especially Amy Lynn Lee's) which let the instrumental parts of the band in the foreground, moreover the orchestra and the chorus are emphasized compared to the guitars - which is one of the most obvious characteristics of Symphonic Metal (logic, isn't it ? 0)
> acoustics are too "clean", and I said in another forum (nobody disagreed, then I think I wasn't wrong) that the majority of Gothic Metal bands use a special acoustics : there is often a feeling of echoes, as if the album had been recorded in a church.
> to finish with, it is too grandiloquent and often epic (another Symphonic Metal characteristic) like on 'Whisper', and sometimes it sounds neometal, so much that a friend of mine was convinced that Linkin Park made the songwriting of 'Bring Me To Life'.
I must remind you that symphonic bands often play balads with only piano and the female-front singer's vocals (there are two piano balads on "Fallen") that gothic bands (like Tristania, Theatre Of Tragedy, Trail Of Tears : NoNe have made any balad at the time they were still gothic bands)

Monday 22 November 2010 - 15:57:00
The following answers are not mine, they are (poor) translations from that topic that I did myself (please don't blame the original authors if you don't understand, but me ) 

citation :
SpiritHorse said : I think to reduce the band to only one album is too easy. The naming "gothic" was fashioned at the time of "Fallen", which made the band famous - it is true, so the "external world" qualified it of "goth", but some were also talking about neometal and for me, the band is a mix of neo and sympho for the music, and gothic for the look and aestheticism.

> (I agreed SpiritHorse ... and it doesn't bother me when I see that "Fallen" is often quoted on the topic "what gothic album are you listening to now" because you are right, the aestheticism of "Fallen" is what I call the American gothic, which is witchcraft/suicide/supernatural and all the stereotyped stuff, and in the topic it is not said "gothic metal album" so...
Which explains why most of the time, I quote doom albums.
However, only speaking about the music, it is a mix of NUmetal and symphonic element. I think this naming should be the right one since "neosymphonic metal" doesn't exist. We would centent ourselves of Symphonic Metal, because I think compare Evanescence with Godmack, Korn or P.O.D. is strange, their music is more like Within Temptation's or nowadays Sirenia. 

citation :
Karaladh said : then I must misunderstand what neo metal is. "Fallen" stinks neo, it is undeniable. About their next album I don't since I barely listened to it and it sounded very bad, but if Evanescence is Symphonic Metal, what are Epica, Nightwish and After Forever ? What about Haggard ?

> Then I replied :
And here the debate begins to be really interesting since it is not binary anymore.
To answer your question quickly :
*I don't know Haggard yet, sorry
* I understand comparing Evanescence with Epica is like comparing Cannibal Corpse with Children of Bodom (people that have never listened to them would say "so what, they are both death metal bands, aren't they ?")
* After Forever have ambiguous first releases because they used to be "gothic/symphonic" before to affirm themselves as a pure symphonic band like Epica is, which leads me to answer it is the same
* Nightwish... just like Sirenia, they decided to immitate Evanescence when they started to earn a lot of money (concerning Nightwish, they did it just after they'd fired Tarja T_T). The comparison between "Fallen", "Dark Passion Play" and "Nine Destinies and a Downfall" is fucking possible.

The problem is within a same style, just a few bands look like each others. Consider the black metal, do you really think Carpathian Forest and Satyricon are the same ? Concerning death metal, can you say that Obituary and Bloodbath play the same way ? Then you compare Evanescence with Epica, but what about Therion and Within Temptation ?
 but I won't talk about the NUmetal, which is the biggest "fourre-tout" of the century. No need to quote more examples, I guess you all understood...
So I agree with you, it stinks neometal. Example "Bring Me To Life" is the archetypal song of Evanescence : simplicist riff, shift between male rapping vocals / Amy Lee's clear vocals, "clean" acoustics... sorry if I am objective (because I dislike the band
), but the thing is there is an orchestra, piano balads,  female-fronted band, hence my answer "I don't thing the naming neometal is enough". 

citation :
ArchEvil said : Evanescence is neometal that has been mixed with calibrated pop rock to be on the radio : their famous songs of the time are still on the radio, but since "Fallen" we don't hear of their last releases today 


citation :
dark_omens said : If I remember well what I've read about it, their last album was received rather coldly because it was so bad

Finally, I answered to that :
Yeah ArchEvil and dark_omens I agree, I've been told the same thing.
So ! nobody here said Evanescence was a gothic metal band, musically speaking of course, and most of us see really big neometal influences in their style.
I am going to try to attract Evanescence fans in order to make more people participate.
And you, what do you think ? 0

Sunday 16 October 2011 - 21:19:54
I honestly have to disagree with you about them being symphonic. I personaly feel that their sound doesnt fit either catagory to me. They as you said dont really have to sound of Gothic Metal, but at the same time to me they dont have to distict enough orchestra in their music to really be considered symphonic. To me  Evanescence should be considered Hard Rock with some metal influences (not so much now that they lost Ben Moody)

Tuesday 09 July 2013 - 22:09:56
Evanescense = pop/rock.
I wouldn't call them a Metal band by a longshot.