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Saturday 07 August 2010 - 20:03:50
I once wrote a long piece of text I considered a lyrics. I could be fit for a death Black Metal band. it's in fact translation of the very painful breakup with my first gf about 1,5 years ago.
Its about a guy who breaks up with his gf and both are desperate, turn Misanthropic and desperate. They seek salvation in satanism where they find each other and marry under the eye of satan.

I'll search it in de darkest depths of my sleeping room.

Saturday 11 September 2010 - 20:06:53
Found something:

Your Blood cures my Wounds

Don’t try to break your binds
Don’t Dare to scream
Or you’ll feel my Fist in your face
Look doom straight in the eyes

You can’t Escape
I Decide your pity Fate now
Cooked, grilled or disembowelled
I don’t care; to a new GOD you’ll bow

Face it, you pushed me to far
Now you’re going to pay
You’re life is worth Nothing
But your Blood cures my fckn Wounds

Your skin peels away from your body
Tears of Blood and salt pour of your face
You should realised it earlier
Now I’ll crack your bones with a mace

You’re going to Die the Brutal way
My Mercy is gone and my patience alike
Kiss your world goodbye
As your Blood cures my Wounds

Your Heart ripped out as it still beats
Fed on adrenaline and fear
One more cry and your split tongue will be ripped out
Your girlfriend shall be quartered right before your eyes
Your world will fall to pieces right in your face

Cold steel cracks your spine
My demonic laughter gets louder
The Bloodthirst grows
Soon I’ll take a bath in your warm Blood

Pray for salvation to the false GOD
Nobody can save you now
Your Blood will be mine
As it cures my goddamn Wounds

Wipe away that last tear
Your Red body fluid will fill this cellar
My salvation is complete
Your Blood cures my Wounds


Saturday 11 September 2010 - 23:34:04

The roses bloom
on the side of my Skull
where I can’t see
your face.

I carved trenches
across my hipbones
but the Blood it brought
eradicated them.

I can smile at you
because my razor-blade
teeth are Dying
to rip you apart.

I won't be blinded
by the vision of you,
forever Nailed to the Cross
you chose to carry.

I'm stretching my flesh
around my Cranium
just so I can keep
my Anger in.

Don't even look at me,
because The Void
where my soul should be
will just suck you in.

I'm biting my tongue
until it bleeds,
but at least now
I don't taste like you.

When I dragged my tongue
across your flesh
all I ever gained was
a Lethal dose of strychnine.

Bless my paranoid soul
that I'm Mithridatic;
I'll Poison myself
to keep myself alive.


I have a bit of a vocal line for this, alternating between angry and depressed, lol. Same goes for the music.

Friday 14 October 2016 - 16:15:52

I have written only few lyrics for my bands. Topic was mostly violence, booze/drugs, politics/society, mental health problems. In one of my band we improvise everything, also lyrics but I don't have a clue what I was screaming and growling.

Tuesday 29 November 2016 - 11:43:30

i tried but I think now my muse left me