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Wednesday 08 January 2014 - 06:51:23

DIGGING UP - Disseminated Inapparent Infection
"Digging Up, always makes you want to dig it, everytime. The band formed since 2005 in Bandung, Indonesia. a new generation of Sickness that makes Brutal community more and more crowded with increasing digging up. its simple words “If You Have Disgorge so We have the incredible Digging Up””.even better than the US BDM bands nowadays, welcome to Indonesian Brutality"

ROTTENOMICON - Renunciation the Anatomic Perverse to Beheading the Nation
"Rottenomicon, their music strongly remind you to the era of 90's. Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel to old Deeds Of Flesh are a big influence in creating their music style. They are very talented musicians and they managed to write all the songs with some sort of identity, drawing influences from the right places is not an easy task, guys ... if you have an extraordinary Death Metal music Taste, so, you want go wrong in expecting their first full length."

STILL HOT Interfectorment Debut EP

Young and Sick … to be honest. We've been waiting for a band like this. Brutal and Slam. Their music is a pure groove honestly with Relentless breakdowns, heavy and broootalll. Unfortunately the band only record one song so Far but that's truely how slam they are. The song fucking starts with a breakdown automatically controlling your Head to bang. It's honestly Relentless, the groove on this one is intense.

Selling Points:
Artwork by Bvll Xick.
Full Color Booklet w/ 8 pages including lyrics.
5 tracks Merciless Brutality
For fans of Gorgasm, Abysmal Torment & Abominable Putridity.


Please attention to our Brothers in Germany:
We do not accept orders only for 1 CD, we serve a minimum order for 15 cds
only. due your Country doesn't accept for registered airmail services
but must be in Express mail Services and the postage is really high.
sorry for this inconvenience. this is really unexpected.