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Биография : Morphal

Morphal was created in October 1993 in the country of Vichy, Allier, France by Samuel L, Dominique B. and Mikael W., then vocalist with the help of the session guitar-player Stéphane R.

In May 1994, a first demo-tape "Visions of an Agonizing World" is recorded followed by many changes.

In September 1995, the band, with Mike now playing the guitar and Sam performing both bass and vocals, enters the Boomer Studio in Clermont-Ferrand to records its first professional effort.

Released in January 1996, "Memento! in Pulverem Reverteris..." helps the band to achieve worldwide recognition. 500 copies and a lot of promo-tapes have been distributed around the world, some even reaching Southeast Asio,South America or Australia...

In February 1998, the band records a first version of its new song "Hopeless Sky" for some labels...

In April 1999, Morphal starts to self-record and produce in home studio its new demo-tape "Monolithos" after two long years of composing and sound-working. The demo "Monolithos" is finally released in December 1999. The band describes its style as Extreme Progressive Metal. The music is dark, powerful, heavy, epic and progressive: a unique combination of various influences taken from death and heavy and black-metal as well as jazz, classical, rock, folk, indus or gothic music.

After the recording of "Monolithos", the band works on the composing of its first album "Purus Sum"...

In August 2000, the Morphal Records in home-studio a first demo of one of its new song "Your Eyes on My Past" but it will be finally the last song records by Morphal still now... The members have to stop the projects due to various elements (studies, work, travels) and because it's becoming more and more difficult to rehearse when all members are separed around the world. Mike is now living between France and China. Dom is still in Auvergne. Sam is now living in Normandy. But maybe one day Morphal will come back on Earth? Who knows?

Source : http://www.myspace.com/morphal