Whispered : Wrath of Heaven

Death Mélodique / Finlande
(2007 - Auto-Production)
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Once again, story torn must be told
It shall erase the lies spoken of others

Those eyes don't see their owners

So much we've shed hate that there's no one left to blame
All is one and one is all, shouldn't we all be the same?

Honor and pride are still worth ; nothing
It's a curse that's been set upon us, it shall be broken

So much we have shed tears for our useless inner fear
The time has come,
To see and hear how once again the end is near

Gaze to the path before,
Not sealed anymore

See everything from within,
Confront your inner being

Of honor I must speak, these words in which
I believe thou shalt shelter my words in thy heart

Of honor I must speak, these words all know
To be for real
Thou shalt search for my words in thy heart

Just listen.


Tired from the war is the warrior's heart
Now wind keeps still it whispers words somewhere far

This moment brings tears into his tormented eyes
Memories of home, the reason why he joined the fight

Winter has been winning, this battle since it's first day
Fear's already friend, it keeps me raising up my blade

All this time I've fought, for everything that has meaning
I've had my share of grief,
For every death I've forced to see

In my heart I've sheltered everything I need
To walk through this blood rain, even if it's me who bleeds

No wasted years behind, this war could never be over
Being still alive makes me feel dead cold inside


"Eye for an eye" said the old man
For mankind's sake has he cried

Wisdom of what to become had been
Blessed into his mind

Me myself I'm sick of trying
To help this land evil to the core

For now I'll be an observer
I'll say a prayer, nothing more

Wrath of Heaven sets, the world is cursed
By all the answers written by man it's all in vain

I despise the question of why
What we have done, done to earn this
All that's forgotten has returned as the Wrath Of Heaven

Wrath of Heaven sets, the world is cursed
By all the answers written by man it's all in vain

I'm gazed by them now, it is me they want to blame
But they don't see that I have
In my heart something, they'll never take away

I don't fear anything anymore,
I know I'm just a sculpture made of glass
I've reached my end and lived as I am for this day
I'm stand in the edge of the world now,
Prepared to fly to the eternity
I know by the wisdom of All, there's no death for me
By the Wrath of heaven,it stands besides me til' the end

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