Wall Of The Eyeless : Through Emptiness

Death Doom / Sweden
(2011 - Self-Released)
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You’re trying to warm the steel.
But it will just steal your warmth
And grow cold again, but so cold you will feel.
So don’t try to make the steel warm,
Hoping that then it will warm you someday.
Don’t try to tame the storm.
Don’t waste your days away.

The stones are falling down on us.
Stones of poisoned and unfulfilled hopes.
But who’s throwing these stones - who does?
I think that it’s us who pull the ropes.
The ropes are all in our hands.
And we all seem to be on the ropes.
Does it scare you when you understand,
That we can all turn into stones?


Welcome to the here and now.
Running from the gentle claws of sleep.
I’ve walked through fire
And too many things stroke me deep.

The lights are out. can you see the ashes in the snow?
You can go through so much more than you can think.
On the road again, but not sure, where to go.
My thoughts for you will be gone when I’m out of ink.

I’ve rolled like a stone from the hill
And crawled up again.
I’ve been forced to lie, I’ve been forced to kneel
And I nearly thought all was in vain.
I’m tired, but I won’t sleep.
I don’t want to watch my life fade away.
I will stand up, fall, crawl and creep.
But forwards - here I’m not going to stay.

Will I burn out and rot away?
I’m trying not to be broken by fear.
Will someone remember my name?
I don’t know. but now I’m here.
...Still here.


The flame of pyre so bright tonight,
But no one can see it.
People have lost the senses and might
And they spit on the graves of friends, they spit
And lose their faith - now it’s not so strong.
They stand in line with hollow eyes.
They form the wall of the eyeless with the sharp and gleaming thorns.
Can’t see the pyre they’re burning in, the dancing hungry fire.


What a perfect time for rain to start,
What a familiar feeling inside
Of me, so tired of the need to depart
And of the feelings and thoughts I have to hide.
Nothing lasts longer then a blink of an eye.
It all ends, leaving nothing but the pain.
All we can - go both forward and behind,
Hoping that we’d learn something on the way.

The day is dark and it’s dark inside
Of me, but somehow I like it this way.
The sound of falling raindrops seems divine.
I don’t want this feeling to vanish away.
But nothing lasts longer then a blink of an eye
And I know that soon the rain will end.
All will disappear, ‘cos there’s no use to try
To make it all last longer, there would soon be another rain.

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