Unfolding : Cimmerian Lands

Death Mélodique / Luxembourg
(1998 - Auto-Production)
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Les paroles

1. Enshroud The Light;

My need, in rain I wait
all my dreams to shadow laid
falling down on deeper wounds
complete me, failing part of you
weakening my weakened me
the mourning and the rose
breaking what was left in me
wither, wane, erode
Trusting is an end to what it seems
and as I am for you I will never be.
Enshroud the light, smother, end, another loss,
burnt to a cinder, final chapters never close.
Spelled under water, written on sand,
whispering forlorn in an enchanted land.

2. Away;

Ambling through woodlands out alone
as frozen memories waft around,
and merge within a mist of tears,
and pass as grey in skies rain down
Washing your pictures off his lids,
the naked trees raise his dismay
Crying your face out of his eyes,
dead leaves of fall wither away
A cold embrace-befrosted dew,
forgiveness-driven storm now lies
Glowing dusk in drowning waters,
drifting silently he dies.

3. Unfolding;

You saw the blossom at my feet, unfolding to quell
Great neolithic strides - the eight more steps to take you fell
Had yourself dragged through the dirt to get out - to equal me
Frail sycophant you are, cravenly crawling on your knees
The master of one day, nesting in the foliage of the past
The mask one inch behind the present now, your finality won´t last
Temptations to rise in my shadow and become the one to lead
Retribution morally intended, nemesis, thou shalt not breathe
Defiant disembodiment

4. Needs Grown Apace;

Caught and struck down, kept to never get away,
done wasted mine with your guilt disclaimed
Spiritual shattering, I´m left secluded in discord
one for another one fear, increase the draught
Your face
Without defense any, at the gates of cold I fear
repatriated pain, objective´s testament made clear - persevere
Ethereal beauty, the lights in unattainment state
lead the flies to keep crashing into panes
in need
The moral claim to reobtain the given
Promises to dream away
The one taken, the waves departed,
the needs have grown apace
Forever yours inside this pain
The pain inside - your guilt is claimed
My life
Suffering for long, the night a day,
the grief to miss, your guilt I claim

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