The Accursed : Seasons of the Scythe

Thrash Death / USA
(2005 - Screaming Ferret Wreckords)
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In these black hopes I dispel the mist.
Enveloping darkness, my mind cannot exist,
In the pain that I feel when I'm martyred by pride, the Scent of blood lingers on
As I tear up inside.

Here I am again staring at the wall that started it all, Believing
That my suicide will save me from the downward fall
You…fear...the dark…of the beginning
You burn up inside your self your sawtoothsmile rips Through my heart

Defiles my vacant thoughts feels dead again.
The encryption on my soul is the addiction I can't control.
You…fear…the dark...of the beginning.
You burn up inside yourself your sawtoothsmile
Rips thought my heart

Defiles my vacant thoughts feels dead again.
Where are my feelings for my mindless reasons?
Where are my feelings for this heartless treason?
This is only the beginning of the end, and now I'm trying To offend.

You…fear…the dark…of the beginning.
You burn up inside yourself your sawtoothsmile rips through My heart
Defiles my vacant thoughts feel dead again
Your sawtoothsmile kills me again.


Welcome to my nightmares call, Welcome to my nightmares Call,
You steady your head and ill take
Control, you make me a god under your mind,
Make me a profit of deaths design

You kill me once you kill me twice,
My hand controls the swinging life
You kill me once you kill me twice
These are the seasons of the scythe.

The reaper mourns the loss of me,
Inside my head becomes diseased,
Inside my head my thoughts drop dead,
I feel the wrath of death instead.

I hate the way I feel inside,
I fear this hate I bring to life,
My mind explodes, from wondering why,
My only way out, is to die,
I feel this hate philosophy;
Inside the screams cease to be,
You kill me once, you kill me twice,
These are the seasons of the scythe.

I fear this hate philosophy,
In time I'll cease to be,
You kill me once. You kill me again
These seasons haunt you until the end.


Inside I'm engulfed in flames,
Soul of fire screams out my name,
This dark that imprisons me,
My heart is still on broken dreams,
In this place I burn my skin,
In this curse, I feel the end,
These waves crash into me,
With memories of what will be,

I felt the fire of deisre,1000 times,
I bleed the worst of a fallen curse, of 1000 cries,

My desires, bleeding dark,
This fire, swallowing stars,
In this early world to be,
This pain is killing me,
When man becomes your god this time,
The flame will melt me from inside, from inside me.

Asphyxiate the fire, An abortion of desire,
Burning my ambitions, In my carnivore black encryptions
I feel I fought once before, This can not hurt me anymore,
The sun will set again, this will kill me, in...the....end,
1000 times, 1000 cries, 1000 times, fire of 1000 cries.


You'll eat your words, this day you'll suffer,
The blood stains on my hands my knife
Runs through your flesh again.
Your life was lost,

In the disease,
The trust of horror lust,
In the disease.
I am pestilence, I am your fate,
I am the scythe under your skin,

Why can't you scream for me again.
I am your god.
I am your fate,
I am famine

A disease that your mind creates.
I am your god.
I am wrath.
I am self-destruction,
That whispers like broken glass.
I am the curse under your skin,
Why don't you scream for me again.


Long live the fighters!
In this desperate time of need,
All fall short,
Of what this means to me.
When my mind starts to wander,
My thoughts leave me,
My heart is torn asunder,
All I need is this time I cannot find,
In this junction breed,
My soul cannot be blind.

My eyes turn with this sky,
My body starts to petrify,
A breath of hate alive,
My lungs scream for all time.
My body fades away,
My demons fly today,
On swift wings, my sanity is torn,
When darkness falls my soul is reborn.

Now my end is near,
Death will arise,
To bring his torture here.
When his sword starts to swing,
Bodies lie cold,
In the aftermath of screams.

Long live the fighters!


Shadows falling and my mind departs,
Beneath the dark of the fading black hearts,
Venomous and bleeding again
Through my pain what I feel is the end,
They took what's dear to me,
I gave them pain and made them bleed.
Raise up your swords

And take up arms with me,
To be free.
Raise up your swords,
Cut down your enemy,
We'll water the fields with blood.
I ride against the crown,
I pull this martyr kingdom down

One man out for death,
What I feel is the kiss of death,
I scale the wall, these cities fall,
Their heads will roll, I'll kill them all.
Every man dies, not every man really lives, for freedom.
Her Celtic sons, are English slaves no more.


Now is my time to rise, from the ashes of the chosen one.
A withered soul in the body of a bastard son,
This dark ensures that you can see,
The hate I carry falls on me.

Rise, from your graves
And walk the land in which you have enslaved
Rise from your graves
And find new ways to bring you pain.

I feel the pain of misery,
The screams of sorrow devours me.
You think it will take away the pain.
Skinned alive I feel the strain

If you chose who lives or dies,
Forgive and forget what dies inside.

Rise, from your graves
And walk the land in which you have enslaved

Rise from your graves
And find new ways to bring you pain.
When all is said and done
Know your pain you are the one.

I've failed to see,
Your sorrow falls on me,
I feed on dreams,
From the likes of which you've never seen.
Welcome to the land of the dead....


Death comes to all,
This is your sweet welcome to pain.
Your torture does exist,
Beneath the smell of burning flesh,
But, I'm still around on hollow ground.

Once upon a midnight death,
It fuels the hatred for the rest,
I have to succumb to madness.
Scraping steel across my chest,
I feel the pain the fear the rest

You die so I exist.
Try to invoke the creature,
That buries demons in side of me.


Cold is the grave, in the darkness, as my
Soul dies a slave, from the wound itself.
My heart is betrayed, by my hand my life is taken
This suicide has saved, me from all my hurt and pain.

I want to take my life,
From this world and change what I have done,
I want to take my life,
When my wrists and the razors collide.

Cold is the grave....Cold is my grave.

Until the end my name is sketched in stone,
I will bend in to this great unknown,
My feelings send, though I reap what I have sewn
My thoughts defend, the devils I have shown

I see the sun revel down from the sky
Darkness won, blackened shadows swell up inside
It has begun, as the universe starts to collide
This day is done, as my feeble body dies.

Cold is the grave...Cold is my grave,
Lie in my grave.....Die in my grave.


Let it begin

You see the pain that surrounds me,
I join the funeral march,
Let the harvest begin for
The blood of the young,
When all is said and done,
You feel....hope...fade...away.

Fuel, the fires of the day,
This never fades, as my heart begins to
Stand ablaze, fear the flames.

Your hate is one that consumes me,
The dark plays tricks on your mind,
Let the fires flow,
From the flames from below,
My heart will never feel pain inside,
You feel...hope...fade...away.

I'll devour you whole,
Its the way to go,
For the end is the day,
The sun burns your soul.
In the beginning, I feel.


As I die I feel this time, it slips away,
Standing forward on this frontline,
I fell back and tried to survive.
I let the crimson flow,
From my heart that grows too cold,
In my arms I feel this pressure,
As we push our souls together.

In the darkness I blind you,
I bleed from inside you,
This blackthrash will confine you
As it kills from inside.

Before this winter fades,
I've given up and you've
Turned away,
Don't try to run, don't try to run,
Don't try to hide, don't try to hide,
Because it kills from inside.

This dark revelation, an epiphany,
My soul redemption, breath in for infinity,
Don't try to run, don't try to run,
Don't try to hide, don't try to hide,
Because we kill from inside.


On dark nights left alone
With dawn in fade
Dying angels fall from
Heaven above
The putrid smell of Satan's hordes
Stampeding through the gates of dawn
Reminding me of their ageless curse
Of endless destruction.

One by one the guards that fell were raised up to
The sky, on sharpened, poles, The stories told,
Of angels that have died.

Wielding the sword of a dying seraphim
Swinging amidst the fray
To reclaim the kingdom stolen long ago
Standing solemn in blood

Embrace your death with open arms,
yet another to
The stray, God has lost,
And souls have been tossed,
And heaven shall burn this day.

Standing here as darkness falls and shadows are
All around, these demons fly, dead angels lie, all
Heaven and earth are mine.

Until Armageddon comes again.

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