Revelation (USA) : The Unbearable Vision

Doom Metal / USA
(1991 - Self-Released)
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Yesterday I saw the flowers crying
Mourning for what used to be
And then I touched them with my mind
And saw they also cried for me

Today I saw the high sun frowning
Saddened by what I have become
No longer able to unfreeze my heart
Forever frozen until numb

Outside I found the air was dying
Stale and lifeless, short of breath
Poisoned by my thoughtless needs
To slowly lead us both to death
And all that is green has now been paled
The colors have faded, their brightness assailed
And, though I wish to make amends
The path of nature now only descends

The lonely creature of the woods are going
The way of the hopelessly forlorn
Until all that remains is myself, wretched man
Condemned to die before the morn


In the darkness of night
The silence slowly takes form
The black velvet of loneliness
Stealthily moves to envelope my mind
And I relive morbid scenes of my life's tragedies

The icy touch of regretful woes,
The spectre that is past grips my heart
Inflicting torture and deadly hindsight,
Demanding correction of my wrongs

I walk back in time on the path of despair
The memories seem so painfully real
Ever shackled thus to my present days
I reside in the shadow of depression
In the churning maelstrom of emotion
The spectre bears me along unrelentingly. . .


Lost inside the waking world
Where all is fear and decay
Playing the fool of society
The lonely game of life

Where is true sincerity
My own emotions I can't even trust
In the web of conformity
It seems there are no answers


Follow me not in the depths of what is real
Into the objective vision over all
And do not join me in my misery
In my decision to remain as one apart

Deceive me not with false hopes of relief
Into believing that good can come of life
For I know that belief comes only from insanity
When I feel the pain of tortures unknown

What do I see in visions discreet
Futures unseen, paths not meant to be
Where can I find inside my mind
A means of escape from all of their kind


Sometimes I scream late at night in my head
In vain to release the frustrations
And I find no solace in the knowledge and lore
That is at the heart of my coping with life

And though I try to be not a sinner
I am yet a slave to temptation

Sometimes I cry when I look at the world
And watch it rushing hastily by
Without but a glance at my wretched self
Unconcerned with anguish and pain

A speck in the void, a fleeting cloud on the wind
I can't preserve even a second of love
But is it too late, Lord, help me not to hate
And to show the world that true sincerity lives

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