Psycroptic : Initiation

Technical Death / Australia
(2010 - Stomp Entertainment)
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To cull the weak, the strong must be removed
By whatever means required, Nothing is sacred in our eyes
We leave only those who will follow without questioning

Following, but oblivious to where
Your kind has always been in plague proportions
And must be contained,
It is a calculated effort to guide the future
For it must be carefully structured
There is order to all we do
Nothing random... Nothing left to chance
We are the architects of this existence you revel in
Without our guidance, you would not exist

You owe all to us without even knowing,
You are not all equal, therefore a balance must be enforced
It is our responsibility, the weak must outnumber the strong
Your kind would never commit to such actions

Yet its necessity is obvious
Our actions are etched in history
Past, Present, Future,
Our actions wide reaching
Our brethren stretch across time
Our brethren creating the world you know
We worship our actions only, Not your false idols

We are mortal, yet our purpose is not
We are autonomous, yet linked for efficiency
Our motives are clear
We are the next step in the evolutionary process
And you are our life's work.


They were watching...
Listening Ever patient awaiting the time.
For they knew it would come it has always been so.
Thus, forward they came...
An appeal to the heavens, spoken an age ago.
Pleading for answers, offering all that was possessed.
Shaman: scholars of the time close to the answer,
Incapable of reaching perfect enlightenment
Yet, help they would receive, at a price so immense, ambitious and selfish...
A mistake they should not have made.
Our ancestors, our past has become our demise.
Our ancestral representatives celebrated the arrival
The visitors from the sky...
Joyous with the knowledge that their appeal had been answered.
These visitors, describing themselves as celestial gatherers, traders, explorers.
A half truth.
Masking the deception beneath.
Offering answers...
Knowledge and Truth...
But at a price, A fair exchange...
They requested life...
The forefathers refused.
Negotiating; the travellers explained that it would not be their lives;
Not those of the present era.
It Would be the future populous: An age away: An age beyond imagination...
Our age.
Nervously an agreement was made.
The celestial ones prepared to reveal their knowledge with the select few to do with as they saw fit.
The chosen, schooled by the visitors from the sky not foreseeing the knowledge that lag ahead
Not foreseeing the knowledge they would learn...
Unable to be purged from their mind...
Departing, the travellers were seen no more.
The selected were left with knowledge unimaginable.
Disturbed, overwhelmed, no choice but to cease their own existence.
Their lives had become futile, with their infinite comprehension.
Lives forfeit by their own trembling hands.
Blood spilled instead of answers...
Long forgotten...
Unaware that we must uphold this pact...
A deal that exists despite the weakest of principals
They will fulfil a bizarre religious crusade.
We belong to the celestial ones: The harvesters of the foolish...
Traders and gatherers they are: cunning in their methods.
Exchanging what is required fur their spiritual needs our lives...
Any life unworthy...
Must be halted.
Sustaining their faith.
The unworthy are those who mishandle true insight.
Betraying their future our planet, placed in total stasis...
With no meaningful continuation.
Like countless before, and endless to come.
This is how it will continue...
To save their own being.
Giving a function, a purpose to their all-knowing lives.
This is their belief... to weed out the feeble in the cosmos
Those who do not learn should not progress...
Those without understanding should not continue...


Waking each dawn if it was the first
Sleep eroding all trace of a past
With only vivid dreams intact
I foresee all that will become
A prophet unaware... A reluctant oracle
I remain naive and innocent
Tainted only by the knowledge of a sinister future.
Memories: For me they are Non-Existent
The concept is alien

Carrying clouded prophecies for the future
I see time moving in the opposite direction
Visions becoming clearer as they move toward fruition
Each second sees another vision fulfilled

A mind overwhelmed
All knowledge I possess dissolves as time passes
A mind purged
The future cannot be changed
With mine or your actions,
Every act has already occurred
The future is complete, all outcomes final

You cannot choose.

So without a past,
How can I be defined?
I do not possess a 'life', I only exist
My mind a window I wish I could shatter
Not free to choose a path to travel
As I already see its end.
With a perpetual view into the void that will become
I am the Observer to the Future,
Watching the crumbling timeline unfold in reverse.


The winds they chill me, flowing from beyond the woods,
darkness approaches, moonlight will guide me.
I take my cruellest weapons, for the fear of death,
my journey will take me
Beyond the realms of, humane society,
to the village of Sodom!
They will kill me, I am enemy
I am their foe, they fear what they know
I carry with me, something they seek
An ancient sword, Revered by all
In my journey, I have seen
Many a creature, many a freak
But the sword, has remained with me
My mission, deliver the sword
To my evil master, the hilt contains what he needs
stones from another time, constructed by the hands of a demon.
It was a thousand years ago, when the sword was created,
a plan a thousand years old. All for the one known as. Satan!...
I travel on into the night, no rest for I dont want to die.
My destination only a day away. The castle of the demon is.
Waiting for me
The future of mankind is in my hands,
I carry the forces of the Armageddon,
I will destroy the world in one foul swoop.
It is, it was, me
I am, Now I, Can't
See what, I was or am
I know, it is, time
For me, to enter the realm
It lies just ahead of me
On the, path I follow
In the earth's blood I will
And now I enter the masters lair, he calls me to his side,
His skin has a certain coldness,
His touch makes me churn inside,
I hand the sword over to him, he accepts with a gleam in his eye,
He thrusts the sword into my heart,
I die a willing sacrifice.


Lying there, I give you thanks for your skin
Now yours was not a wasted life
I compare your pelt to the rest, oh, such a fruitful night
"I am not a believer in your pop religions
I have found my saviour, and he speaks within me"
In the darkness, humans indecipherable, it helps my cause
Death, once haunted me,
Death, it raped my life, thoughts of it strangled me
Now, I've seen the light
Now, the "lord" decides, he told me the secret of "life"...
Skin coffin, wrapped in skin, freed of sin
Skin coffin, my life is saved by human dermis
Skin coffin, I shall be eternal
I have nightly missions, must complete my coffin
Sewing skin in daytime, and removing the hair
Night is fast approaching, now I must make haste
Take my hooks and cleavers, and my knives and scissors
In a surgery bag, leave my morbid workshop
I like them young, around twenty years old
More flesh, less time
Follow them to their home, if alone, their skin so ripe
Give them time to settle in then I strike
Door unlocked see their face look up in painful fright
Hook through head, wait for death, and then I start to slice.....
Twitching, each time I hit a nerve
I'm tearing, through flesh
Bleeding, the blood it lubricates my knife...
...My knife!
Body stripped, flesh bagged up, onto another strike...
And so each time mortal fear subsides
As I know I'm going to be here for all time
For to die in my coffin will eternalize life
Reborn, in skin, to live, forever!


Confined within an archaic shell
One not offering protection
It is the epitome of imprisonment
No heed taken to the ever cracking facade
Slowly collapsing
Unable, or unwilling to seize the truth

Apathy, the only foe
Blinded by antiquated ideals
Relics of a naive age
Lured by self-created prophecies
Feeble addicts to the euphoria of self-importance

Revelling in myopic fantasies
Righteous, yet without a throne
Deaf to the inherent calling
An ignored motivation not acted upon
Primitive minds will forever be distracted by primitive needs

Eternally the walking dormant
Symbols of the devolution process
Transcendence for the taking,
The implements of change await those who look
Yet no hand will rise for the grail

The worn path will continue to be trodden
By the week generic horde
A procession of the lost, blind and frail
Becoming the pallbearers of their own condemned future


There's a town somewhere inside someone's dreams
A place where nothing is as it seems
There's no record of it in any book
For those who go, there, never return
In this place, there's a fairground run by clowns,
Controls the town
Don't try to run, the clowns will come
Many people pass through here as they chase their destiny
They will stop and never want for things of life again
The fairground it costs no-one, blindly inside they are drawn
People driven by a call
Come, come inside, come inside, come inside, come
Like moths that are drawn to flame
These people enter the grounds of pain
From outside they see such fun
If they knew how would they run
What they see (is) illusion, blinded by this desire
They wish to laugh and scream
Welcome to the Carnival of Vulgarity
It will reinforce the existence of evil in this world for them
They will cry tears, of, Blood!
It seems tame 'til they're chained
By the clowns that are holding their kids
They're led down into the ground
Minds drowning in pools of fear
Down they go, there's a hall
Rowed with seats, they've placed before
The overlord of the fair. He says this
"You know that you're going to be here forever.
Your children will be used for breeding, to sustain the system. You will learn to suffer silently, for this is your fate."
They are told their golden rules
And guided to their new abode
Used for the purposes of old, to attract the new
Tied to rides and nailed to ferris wheels
The pain it seeps, the screams so real.


Using universal time theories to ratify their religion.
These elite toil, to advance comprehension, Of space and time.
Although; out for the benefit of 'outsiders'.
Only their sanctuary shall profit as they understand, the true purpose of life:
To become a god, to become omnipotent
This is life's work, yet completion will be fatal.
Psychologically unbalanced leaders in knowledge,
Unwittingly preparing the termination of 'reality'.
Yet with no malevolence towards others of their kindred...
Simply focusing on the will of the sermon.
Time movement is their goal such dedication rarely witnessed!
The only motivation in their myopic minds an individual craving for a subconscious need,
Allows philosophical faults to be unseen thus far created revolutionary scientific:
And technical advancements that that would be the awe of all.
Their concealment from society however, masks such glory,
Playing fundamentalist cult like spiritual insanity.
The word of their messiah eludes to their intentions yet she is no more than,
A charismatic jester of the modern world.
Emittfihs her synonym
The name of true insanity time must be unbalanced to reach true enlightenment
For it is a cage that enslaves us all.
Restricted in thought we are not.
For we seek what others only dream,
Try as they might, those un-enlightened will not understand
The secrets and power that await in the shifting of time we must strive against ill-informed resistance
To acquire the chalice of a higher spiritual awakening!
Time must be stopped to achieve their purpose; A crazed thought.
Impossible of course?
Yet their methods could be plausible if their timeline theories are correct,
This 'cult' could succeed in reversing reality itself,
Cataclysmic events beyond mental, comprehension.
Reversing the evolution of that universe itself!
Using, advanced quantum physics and light frequency radiation to achieve the task.
Accidentally covering the mysteries of time, but believing it to be true celestial intervention.
Theories, when, exercised, will follow a destructive path.
Transgressing timelines and interfering in matters of dimensional construct...
The Objective: To find the dawn of time itself and prevent it from commencing!
Only then will they reach.
Their goal...
A fascinating presumption, that only time will reveal...


In this world there's an unknown forest
Deep within parts not explored, yet.
A corner of earth that's a mystery,
Though only to our human race.
A residence, of an ancient clan
That have lived here for generations, and have survived
By remaining in this place of seclusive presidence.
A forest, an extensive population
Of lizards, various breeds
Most un-named, some with almost human features
Most half breeds.
Some you'll find can even fly, their species is growing larger
All are born, within the trees, and their skin is rough like
Scaled... Bark...
They are born with just a mother, from a spawn taken from the tree
It is secreted on her skin, within days a child is within.
Only six weeks and the child is born - a male but no genitals
There are no need for these as all are fathered by the trees.
This is a race on a steady decrease, an unknown foe called 'humans'
Deadly pollution, drifting across, ocean to their land
Causing, drought, killing the trees
Taking their life source, causing distress, elders call council
Much discussion, form strategy
Then after much careful planning, decides
To send a troop of flying lizards, a-broad
Their mission is to discover
What it is that is destroying
Their fragile eco-system
And to try make things right.
We are a race from an ancient source
That have lived here for generations
And have destroyed- a multitude of things in
Our time of residence, we must now face our destruction
By a division of lacertilians,
Their bodies are more resistant to our
Weapons than anything we can create.
We are now doomed to extinction
And, we surely deserve it.
Deluded arrogance, Mistreatment, of our world
Will lead to certain death,
Please forgive, our human race.


Waging a battle where there can be no victor
An immortal army of one... Myself
The enemy... A truth that cannot be faced
Controller of fate? I'm its feeble servant!
Free to chose anything that my will desires
Yet no alternatives exist
I do not want this

What defines a 'God'?
The ability to create?... Or Destroy?
I am in possession of both
Not of my will, nor discretion
A mere passenger of chance
Unlucky to be the chosen one

Undesirable omnipotence
A god confused serves no purpose
Denial is a powerful ally
And my only confidant
If all is burned, will I be caught in flames?
Or stand alone in the ashes of the void?

Timeless and ageless in a self-created abyss,
I know the answer
Yet to it I cannot concede
I am above all
Yet, still I'm a Slave


Sleep... For... Life
Fear shreds your internal logistics system
You are just a pawn fool, driven by a disturbance inside your mindscape
It is the consuming unknown that awaits you
And you cry for you cannot escape the ache...
...The void is nearly here...
Nerves are tested by a circumstance invented by the mere existence of our world
You can feel that there's something more than just progressing life
While your neighbour will deny, deny, deny!
You awaken and are shaken by the dim reality that becomes you
And consumes your mind
That death is real and you will soon hold it in
An embrace so tight you can't let it go
You want to believe in something higher
Social derision... Blindfolded vision... Need for decision...
Nothing's eternal... Belief is infernal... Your god is internal
You may not exist soon so enjoy it while you can
The power is in your hands in that deciding moment of your sad life
Controlled by a thing called time only fate's force can decide
Rotting before you've even died
Swept away by the fear inside
...Sleep ...lie!
This is something that they don't tell anyone when they're born, but
Once you think for yourself your test begins!
If you try you can suffer less if you deny
Looking at the sky, sky, sky!
You can read some else's way of getting by
But you'll have to buy, buy, buy!
It will soothe your pain, 'til you wake again
You will feel the reign of the dark
...They all believe in lies, lies, why?
Is it so hard for them to see logical reality
We bleed, we die
There's nothing once you've finished life
Tearing knife, wrists are sliced- decreased time
Those who can't defy
It is just a door that opens and swallows you inside
You are just another one of us
Don't think you get to decide
Don't think you'll wander somewhere when you're rotting in the ground
You'll be where there's nothing called taste, sight, feel, or fucking sound
Don't waste time, savour your life, it's all you have
As part of "man"... Now is the time to live for!
You are your guide for there's no one but you who can tell you how to be
I fear death so don't feel alone
I don't judge those who cry
We are all brothers in metal
We already rule the world now
...Sleep ...You're free!
The colour of sleep


Stripped of all that is unique, it is redundant
You have joined us, Welcome...
Embrace the new freedom of which you have never felt
Embrace the Nothingness
The sinister burden of individuality lifted
Embrace us

You need struggle no longer
We offer what you have long yearned for
You will become complete
Now part of our family
Revel without our created monotheistic system
All else is false

You have chosen what is right
You have chosen what is true
You have accepted the inevitable
Adorned with the sacred cloth
You are now our brothers and sisters
Forget your past, repent
We forgive you

For you knew nothing else
Pure savages now tamed
We will guide your future
Together we move toward
All outsiders must fear us

Icons of dissent must fall, the great unclean herded
Those suitable, welcomed... Failures, discarded
Our invitation needs no reply
Vengeance awaits the chosen who doubt, refuse or mock.
We insure this, you will insure this
We cannot be faulted, we are immaculate
Values bond us closer than blood
Our family is ever growing
We will continue to do what is right:
Cleansing the Profane

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