PUS (BRA) : Sin Is the Only Salvation

Death Metal / Brazil
(1994 - Gravadora Eldorado)
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Las palabras


The night makes my dreams come true,
Makes me think about weird things,
Brought me inspiration of a dark world,
Slave of eternal night...

Lonely stars with their distant shines,
Lost between moons and suns,
Show me the way it is,
Show me the piece of a silent world...

My mind goes far,
Where you won't ever imagine,
My eyes can see...
Beyond, beyond, beyond, beyond!

I see destiny is done,
I feel the universe inside of me,
I know my dreams can happen...

Dreams (x2)

Beyond frontiers,
My dreams will never ends...


Born a witch,
Poor a witch,
Didn't know what was to come,
Only the unknown wanted to know!

Talk with gnoms,
Dance with salamanders,
On their realm of fire,
Frequenting nature partys,
Performing sorcerys... Day by day...

Haunted as a witch,
Throwned in a sleepless cell.

Asked for remission, (fast part)
Mercy for ... Freedom.
Claimed the king of darkness,
Terrible monster... Without mercy.
Looked the power inside herself,
She wanted... Give up, give up, give up!

The pale witch, agonized,
Play with things, that where charged,
Now locked in sleepless cell (x2)
Claim to god for remission...

The witch, arrested,
Poor witch, waiting the day that will burn
In fire!

Comes the day, in fire she burned away,
Nobody never forgot, the pale witch
That here burned ... Die witch!


From dust to dust, a solitude unable ... To
From dust to dust, they'll be always alone
Unable... To change.

Forgotten by bellowed beings,
Suffering on their solitude,
They live and where chosen,
To live in hell without mercy.
When worms penetrate their body,
Soon matter becames mud.

Unknown's curse... Unknown's curse!

This mud that stinks like your life,
In the cove they'll rot.
Will rot, will rot...

Their forsaken cross thrown on the floor,
The wind blowing brings death throes...
They're still being punished in this world.
They come back fleshness, singing in this
Of tears where pain never ends...
They're still being punished in this world.

Unknown's curse! Unknown's curse!
Unknown's curse! Unknown's curse!


So you think your eyes can see everything,
And that the mud of life doesn't run in your
And that you aren't ready to be fucked
Like anyone else.

Don't close your eyes, for the dirty reality

Total alienation, they kill themselves,
Millions die of hunger, humanity just thinks in conflict.

Don't close your eyes, for the dirty reality

Damned who reing this hell,
Blood of innocents rise rom their hands,
Misery and injustice where people
And false promises are told in vain ...

Dirty reality (x2)

Popes and politics don't save anyone,
It's all a great farce,
Some pay much, others nothing,
It isn't worth sitting down and waiting,
Life here is like cinders, if you blow,
Good bye, and melancholy will tell you ...
Welcome to hell!

Don't close your eyes, for the dirty reality


O crime organizado no país não é pecado,
O pior é a polícia que chacina favelado,
Se você é pobre, seu destino é morrer...
Se você é pobre, seu destino é morrer...,
Um país entregue ao crime não tem jeito de crescer...

Aqui o tráfico de drogas é o que dá mais dinheiro,
Comando vermelho! (bis)

Não quero só falar do crime organizado,
São detalhes de um país lindo maravilhoso,
Onde o crime compensa e a miséria toma

Crianças param seu carro, seus olhos
Implorando por comida e pedindo alguns
Esse é o meu país, não só de samba e
É o país do rock horror e do pecado
Você pode ser assaltado, seu carro ser
Te matam por um tênis e um boné


Cv como são as coisas, cv como as coisas
São? (x2)

Caritó não sobe o morro se ele não tiver de
Minha corda não dá mole prá macaco de
Cv como são as coisas, cv como as coisas
São? (bis)
Cv, cv como as coisas são?
Cv, cv!

É o retrato de um país que passa fome e não dá mais!


Sun bright in the sky,
One more day i'll suffer,
My eyes show all... Anguish to live.

Your life seems good,
Until the day it finishes,
Your hair will fall by inches,
Until you begin to creep.

Hunger will be the final pain,
No food in all the world,
You'll be dead,
In life death now reing.
On vastness of black lands, all die.
Worms pierce meat, of my brothers.
Sometimes no,
Sometimes yes, (x2)
I feel hunger,
Look at me...

In africa, in asia and also brazil,
Children born dead without a reason.

O que me resta? Resta tentar!
Pro bem ou pro mal, não importa,
A minha vida não vale nada,
E as promessas não vão me alimentar...


Why the world smiles while people destroy
Why we have to be equal to win?
Why money buys everything, even
And people depend on it to live...

Sin is the fasted way to reach god,
And the right way to salvation... (x2)

Hunger has cure, shelfshiness too,
Even war can be decided,
Piece could rule, in a distant dream,
Another reality the way we want...

Sin is the only salvation, sin is the only salvation... [Chorus]
Sin is the only salvation, sin is the only salvation... [Chorus]

I'm gonna tell you a happy story,
Where cops protect and give us security,
Where money buys a list of food,
And people just fuck for love and desire...

Sin is the only salvation, sin is the only salvation... [Chorus]

Flesh implores desire,
Week people suffer,
Materialism takes care of a broke,
And hypocrite society.

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