Necrodeath : Phylogenesis

Thrash Black / Italy
(2009 - Scarlet Records)
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Born from the dregs of reptiles
They are preparing to die
Lobotomised by supremacy
For fire one kills from the cold one dies

Primordial instincts forcing the concept of divine
Generated by fear and neglected

Where only the microscopic germ
Has the power to annihilate or forgive
For fire one kills from the cold one dies

Awake!!! Only death is certain
Dawn of this world
Awakening of dawn
Only death is certain in this dying world

Tnemom sseldne na eb lliw hsalc lanif eht rof gnitiaw
Yaw fo dne eht ot sdael seiceps eht fo gninnigeb eht

The beginning of the species leads to the end of the way
Waiting for the final clash will be an endless moment

Glimmers of knowledge were not handed
What we have created will destroy us

2. I.N.R.I

Iesus nazarenus rex Iudaeorum

Had finished
The crucifixion
Of the king on the cross

Tied ropes
To the trunk
Of the cross

Have done their job
Nailing hands and feet
To the cross

Torment, suffering

Iesus nazarenus rex Iudaeorum

Bones smashed
One upon the other
Wounds were ripped
Blood bursts again

Words of love
And compassion
Through the air

Torment, suffering, passion, death

Scripsit autem et titulum pilatus
Et posuit super crucem
Erat autem scriptum

Iesus nazarenus rex Iudaeorum

Jesus of Nazareth the king of the Jews

The eminence on which the cross was planted was
About two feet higher than the surrounding parts

The feet of Jesus were near the ground
For his friends to be able to kiss them

And his face was turned to the North-West


They have come from the outer space
From the above they have arrived

Fertile working ground, bizarre atmosphere
even after the primary extermination
Evolution's neverending

This is the theory of the primate-man
This is the theory of the new generation
This is the theory of the primate-man
This is the theory of civilization

They have crossed unheard distances
From another galaxy they have arrived

Willing to achieve an objective
The right one, the chosen one... It's time to act!
Evolution never stops

Biological mutation, clockwork evolutionary mechanism
Mutating organic material in a new life!

Life springing forth with the right chemistry,
Dawn of a new era...

Unearthly massive control
The primate has been chosen
Earth is our laboratory
Monitoring cell activity
Inject DNA
Intervention concluded
Experiment succeeded
Evolution starting now


I was sure of what I was doing but did not
Expect that end...

What I saw was unmentionable in a tunnel
Of surreal pictures and horrid inhuman sounds...

I feel something changed the normal
Course of my thoughts...
I feel I shouldn't have done that...

I had cracked up, schizophrenic, lunatic,
Mentally sick, insane, monster...

Extreme emotional shock
Odd dimension, where am I?
Extreme emotional shock
Odd dimension, what do I do?

Falling down into catalepsy, dreaming all about life
Falling down into catalepsy, dreaming all about death

I was him
He was me


Back to a world that belonged to me
Where my youth was stolen by facts
Watching my past and tasting my present
And closed in myself I dream of my future

In the tunnel of time
Nothing has changed and nothing will change
In the tunnel...

I see the place where I used to play
I see the place where I'm walking now
I see the place where I'm gonna die
I see the places of all my life

Time never dies
Walking by a way without end
Time never dies
Rain will not delete what I left behind

Memories reality and dreams...

I would live all my life again again in a cycle that has no end...

Tunnel of time would take me back to the roots of my life
Same feeling, same thoughts, same spaces, same visions

That was the final stage!


Gory evidence of an entertainer's death
Along with the remains
Of several rare horses
Animals which appear to have been

Sacrificed as well

Were found in the ruins
Of a building at a site called Tell Brak
Which was once the ancient
City of Nagar

Sacrificed as well

2000 years before Christ

They enter the room of pain
Bizarre sacrificial ceremony
Kind of ritualistic performance
That culminated in death by beheading

Sacrificed as well

2000 years before Jesus Christ

Propitiation of the Gods

Centuries of gore
Countless wandering souls
Thousands of victims
In the name of the Gods

For the elitist crowd, they performed
Their most precious tricks, wonderful show
Perfection of moves
Aesthetic, symmetric, ecstatic

They enter the room of pain
They enter the sacrificial room

Propitiation of the Gods


Biological manipulation
Led the human being
To reach the impossible

Technological appliances
Laboratories filled
With organic material

Biological superiority
To develop a new kind of life

Technological researches
The birth of a new world
Programmed to serve

Massive neurolinguistic programming

Cloned world, this is the cloned world
Cloned world, this is the cloned world
Manipulation, misinformation, elaboration, disintegration

Mocking reality in an unpredictable way, imperfections corrected
Superiority of organisms guaranteed

Deep studies full researches will to power...
Power to tame minds every single body cell in obedience

Massive neurolinguistic programming
Key to the achievement of the cloned world


People believe with their emotions and know with the logic
Signals from the unconscious mind have been downloaded
Brain mechanisms of persuasion modulate memory and attitude
Magnetic resonance imaging and hypnosis

No control - No return
Nothing to lose - Nothing to hope

Abstract! Psychological immersion
Virtual! Semantic elaboration
Abstract! Resonance imaging
Virtual! Mechanism of persuasion

No control - no return
Nothing to lose - nothing to hope

Persuasive memory permanent image
You will learn the secrets of persuasion and be Hypnotically motivated to persuade others
Having total control of their minds

Abstract! Psychological immersion
Virtual! Semantic elaboration

No control - No return
Nothing to lose - Nothing to hope

Persuasive memory permanent image

Implicit-explicit attitude
Visual feedback interaction

Persuasive mirror
Using your reflection to improve lifestyle
The mirror interface
You have been brainwashed


Persuasive memory permanent image


You will see the arch-merchant
That's for me it's another infant
And forget the devious gap
The screams overlap

Cathodic hypnosis brain necrosis
Final war

Open the gates open your eyes
Scourge sacrifices in the name of lies
Open the doors open your mind
Intoxicated by the new liar

Give me the force forevermore
Final war

Moments of sublime induced sodomy
Sacrifices in the name of catholic whore
Final war

Defacement of the infant lamb
Disguised as laid mothers
The final war

Mesmerised by purple light
Redundant frezy of ephemeral amazement
Final war

Ancient law has been forgotten
Your pride fallen and rotten

Metamorphosis of the brain autonomy
Inebriated by the new liar
Smell of non-human burnt flesh
From delirious rectangle

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