Mortuum (PL) : For Those Who Left

Death Dark / Poland
(1996 - Ceremony Records)
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Searching the path of life
You wander through endlees parts of your mind
You move into the abyss of pain, torture and hate
Look bkac what passed away
Everything is burning in the eyes of evil
Searching the new path
The new land of your existence
You were like thornbush
Delivering pain
You were like fire burning down life around
You were alone
With pain in your soul
And fire burning your paths
You'd like to fly like a bird
To escape from human hatred
To kill the past
And not to be punished
Break through the reality
You mind is searching the path
The path to light, the path to truth


You've been learning the rules
Of the earth, the rules of life
Of good and evil
Forgot about one thing
You're gonna die
Welcome to the world of the dead
You'll punish yourself
The court is here
You as a old man
You as a youngster
You as a child
You never wanted to know
Who you really are
What is the aim of your existence
Who we really are
Where are we going to ?
Want to justify you deeds
But nobody cares
In the maze of sorrow
Closed inside your own world
You're looking for the truth of existence
You thought god's gonna forgive you
You were fooled beyond belief


That's me mortuus harangue you
Though my body is not exist
But my mind still around
Listen, listen, listen to me...
Listen, listen to me
Hear my voice, I'm gonna tell you
What the truth is
I aware of it what is the mistery for you
Hear my voice, I'm gonna tell you
What the truth is
Here I'm telling to you
That's me mortuus
Whant to show you, whant to teach you
How to live
That's me mortuus harangue you
Thaough mi body is not exist
But my mind still, still around


The earth's trembling
The seed is cracking
Flora and fauna
Joy and pain
Desert made of stone
Becomes alive
The life is being born
Just as it vanished
The bird is ready to fly
The air is filled with the voice of life
The earth's is cracking
The seed is dying
The life is passing away

Flora and fauna
Became to die
Circle is closing
Everything is passing
The bird is dying
Plants dried out
The old man is dead
The air filled with smell of death
Voice of silence's the only withness
What once was
Only the echo
Repeats the torment
Those who left
Those who died


Yesterday they were with us
Laughing and breathing live others
Now their dead bodies lie
In silence...
Sculptor's carving the stone
To tribute them forever and their thoughts
He carves the monument of living memories
Where are they now
This terrible silence
Where are they ?
Now I see their future
Even if I see through the fog
I now it makes them existing, living
Trapped in my memories
Oh I wish I could grab their hands
To see the smile
To hear the voice

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