Lordi : Rock Police

Hard Rock / Finland
(2010 - Sony Music)
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We have the right to break the silence.
Anything we play can and will
Be used against you in a court of rock.

Horror have a smell and they tell us it’s the scene of a crime
Casings on the floor, there’s a perps who’s gonna do some time
We can hear the evidence that echoes in the air
Using choke holds, bruising nerves, morons get what they
Deserve, slash and burn protect and serve

Justice in leather uniform, we prosecute transgression
Crashing trough windows, breaking doors
We practice devastation law

We are the rock police, elite of Rock and Roll’s finest,
Marshals out on patrol
Elite of R Rock and Roll’s finest, the force keeping control,
We are the Rock !

Get you on the ground then rub your face in the dirt
Meet Mister Nightstick, he’ll crack your skull, it might hurt
We’re the judge, we’re the jury, we’re the executioners
The prime suspect will get the chair
Voltage maxed out, skin shaved bare
Inhaling his own burning hair

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