Livsnekad : Köttets Och Sinnets Biografi

Doom Black / Sweden
(2007 - Self-Released)
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Las palabras


(Translation : Prepare me that road)

Fear for others contact seeps through
The weekday is reminded by its darkness
Constantly feeling gazes and hearing voices
This city still flourish on its rumours

Its atmosphere burns through my sore eyes
All light that tries to pierce through is parted by a layer
Very much like white woundlayers that cover traces of my past
Take me home, please, just take me away from all of this

Lost homes for the soulless and the spineless
Inside these walls I find calm and security
Let them never find me, let daylight never reach me

Let me instead be the loner that I am
Live outside your circles of lies and deceit
Let me die alone, leaving questions unanswered
Feed your unquenchable throats with what you have longed for...

You took my fucking life...

Then give me the only thing that I could really have
That of which I have dreamed of in my unconsciousness
Put these ropes around my limbs and pull hard
Let me dive down into its refreshing grave


(Translation : I am undead)

Left out, exposed in a harsh rainstorm
The rattling of bones echoes in this dark ally
Biting through tounge, meat and tissue
Yet again a case of mislead confidence
Still constantly carrying these stones

Crystalnights makes fading skin crack
Inside this humanshaped cocoon
Rests a long since dead and decaying hope

Figures of drones passing between walls
Burning prints that infects body and soul
Touched as a child, branded for life
Loved to then later on never be able to love himself, himself

Dedicate a lifetime to appease others expectations
With a blindfold over sewed and bloodclotted eyes
Broken promises like broken nails like broken shoulder
After years of carrying this cross of stone and treachery

Let its burden bury me alive
I am undead since I could see
I am undead


(Translation : A blooming love, a withered inclination)

I travel along fields of fair lust
Rambling, longing for you
In the shape of text it was ended
Your face disfigured in front of me

Through curtains of rain I plunge
With hope of finding a way
Black and cold asphalt under my naked feet
Leading me deeper into evil

In the horizon the skies ashengrey vault is opened
Stratus and nimbostratus in unpleasant symmetri
Apathy and indifferance takes it rightfull place
Where once love and hope existed

I have never loved this strong
I hate never hated this strong, this strong

You shall never promise your other half anything
Because man is vunerable and expandable
Still today I live my life in the shadow
Of discomfort to the unbearable uncertainty of the future

Screaming my name, my memories

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