Leprocide : Consequences Of Infection

Death Metal / Czech-Republic
(1992 - Riff Raff Records)
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01 - Contagious Prelude

02 - Leprocide
Desolatory disease penetrates your body
viral death unleashed spreading extinction.
Derrogative tumours, limbs in purulence
warm stench of pus, bizarre putrefaction.
Expanding sickness crimps anatomy functions
fragments of bloody meat shredded from your body.
Screams of pain as entrails rot away
face the truth, nothing left for you to do!
Master of plague - I dominate!
Verdicts of mine exterminate!
Infection escalates with disengaged innards
await in apathy a predicted end to come.
Death be done!

03 - About To Die
Bare and defenceless
brought with pain
onto a world of misery
as soon as leaving the womb
you´ re growing old.
About to die!
Slow asphyxiation with the smog you breathe
carcinogenous junkfood poison infiltration
chemical pollution, Earth becomes a graveyard.
Moving directly onward through chaos into gloom
surrounded by indulgence.
Before life really starts with nothing men depart.
Burried in advance, about to die!

04 - The Consequence
Desire sets your body on fire, keeps you aflame and burning
misconducts your very soul as I´m your chosen lust tonight.
There is a hunger in your look, pleasing me for your goals
like a fly in a spider´s web consumed by it´s enslaver.
In fact I am a deceiver, an attractive but dangerous beast
as the virus will attack you from within
you shall wish that you could die - you will die!
Numbing of the flesh
dense slime from your vagina
black spots - covered skin
feaverous frost attacks.
Unprotected, force injected
you can´t resist my venomeous intruder at all.
Undetected, slowly infected
The consequence: your death is imminent!

05 - Beyond Mental Decay
Used to obey commands of occupying strangers
without resistance we always bow our necks
enslaved since centuries, living with a yoke
ideals of freedom vanished from our subconscious mind.
Prefering to walk the path of smaller resistance
attached to opressors in effort to survive
they put their words right into our mouths
making us talk like faithful blandishers.
Our spirits are decayed with fear, apathy and ignorance
truth is victorious - an empty phrase
deceiving, traiting, cheating, conspirating
stabbing our brother right in his back.
Uprising contradiction in our society
with silent agony our future is uncertain and obscure
unable for decisions which way to turn
standing confused with lack of any belief.

06 - Biological Underclass
The end begins at birth
twisted mass of screaming sleazy flesh
crippled by chemical interference
sentenced to live like subhuman scum.
Nine months lasting infanticide
mortal sin commited on the defenceless
embryonic cells destroyed by heroine
deformations of body and mind.
pre-birth drug addicted
noone capable to comprehend
what is the cause and who the fuck is to blame.
Spastic idiots and hybrid freaks
society´s outcasts they´re meant to be
mismanaged on reason, bodily depraved
suffering biological underclass!
Useless cures of desintoxication
chemi-killed conceivement in addiction
holocaust mistreatment of innocent lifes
even aborticide means better solution.

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