Imperious Rex : Speed Demon

Thrash Metal / Etats-Unis
(2009 - Auto-Production)
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Mindless and savage, we set fire to resistance
They burn for our pleasure, too bad they can only burn once!
Mountains of ash blow death's warning through rumbling skies
Into the grim faces of those who will surely die
The only answer to our battle cry is to give in and commit mass suicide!
We rise to the moon and bask in its pale, strengthening glow
There's no need for ceremony if you already know
That favor is promised and fortune is all but certain
We may as well feast in glory, for we've already won!


It's been so long and I'm so bored,
I could tear myself to pieces
The only solution is to go for broke
And shed this terrible weakness
Pull out the stops and call the shots
Until I'm one foot into the grave
Self destruction...
I can't wait... use my bones to pave the way!
Into the grave we go down, go down in flames!
Into the grave... we go down in flames!
Leave the common world for dead, it's for the common man!
We break away with drunken strength in this suicidal plan
United in mayhem we charge ahead, raging to feel alive
For once if not forever... we laugh as we die!

3. 1000 SCARS

Here comes the inevitable end
When the skin tears from my bones
Burned to black
In a shower of sparks as metal grinds against the road
Scrape me from the pavement and set fire to my remains
Do a good job so I don't come back the same!
Can it be? Oh please, can it be the final end for me?
Drink one! Drink one on me!
I've lived long enough... kill me if you please
Drink one! Drink one on me!
It'll bring bad luck and that's exactly what I need
I ride at top speed! Cliffs mean nothin' to me!
Engines blaring through the air, a ball of fire into the sea
I've lived 1000 times and earned 1000 scars
Can't jump this bitch high enough or hit
The ground too hard


Holy shit, they're comin' for me!
They want me to beg, they want me to scream
But not tonight... it's too soon to die... so
I loaded the guns and sharpened the knives
There's only one way in, only one way out!
It's you or me (there is no doubt)!
With trembling hands drenched in sweat,
Without remorse, without regret:

Eyes straight ahead, pull
The trigger until the dead are stacked 20-men-high
You'll never take me alive!

Heavy boots carry the souls of those about to die
It's not too late! Just turn around...
I'll fade away before the bullets fly
On second thought,
I'd be a fool to trust a truce, to believe in rules
So here we are: murderous maniacs!
I know there's no turning back!


We will live again! Just leave it up to me
We will rise again because actions speak louder than words, you'll see
But we ain't gettin' nothin' for free
So drink up one last time, let it soak in deep,
Let it clear your mind!

We don't give a fuck about your opinion!
Only brute force and cruelty makes 'em listen!
There's only one way this shit is gettin' done
The ones on top eventually grow weak, they don't remember The struggle, only how to speak
You'll thank me when you're free and
When they're dead and gone... we've waited so long!

So we've made it to the top...
Now what in the hell do we do?!
If you wanna call it quits,
I'll tell you what: we'll never stop,
We'll carry on until we're through
'Cuz we ain't got nothin' to lose
So drink up one last time, let it soak in deep,
Let it clear your mind!


Come to me Victory, we deserve to be as one
Never leave, let us share lunatic ideals of love
So menacing! Ready for conquering!
"Forward"... no... "Onward"... choose a word for history
Volumes will be written and spread 'cross the boiling seas
For eternity! In infamy!
Envy our fortune,
It'll never be yours no matter how hard you try
Do what you're told and don't say
A word no matter who lives and who dies!

Dominating together, tightening the iron grip
Ruthless and driven! None can refuse or resist!
Their crumbling bones support our throne
The world is one color: the color of misery
Chained and imprisoned all thanks to me!
Believe me now?! Don't question how...

Damn it all, I've reached the end! I would give anything to do it again
Do it better than before...
Damn it all, give me another war!
This time around it's only me! I say farewell to Victory
Everyone get the fuck out of my way!
I'm tearin' this place apart and you're gonna pay!


New blood, new guts! Can you feel it?!
I can! The old ways are cast aside
New destiny in our own hands:
Only we three will choose how we live, how we die
You must admit (don't you dare deny):
It's why we were born, it's true!
So close your ears and boldly defy
What everyone tells you to fucking do... fuck their rules!
Give us the one, true, the only!
Nothing else can possibly satisfy
Collecting dust can be so sad and lonely
The madman inside refuses to die

Thrashing and flailing in a disturbed sleep,
His dreams start to dominate
I welcome the control, guide my hands!
There's no fucking time to waste!
Deliver our glory... we are one in destiny!

Now begins my final master plan!
Be sure to follow close behind
You summoned me in a desperate race to squeeze
Every drop you can from the essence of life
Maybe we'll start with a drink or two?
Indulgence is the first resort!
Blatant disregard for tomorrow will
Make today better than every day that's come before

My body recoils from the sheer power
That no mortal man was meant to feel
With a wicked grin stretching from ear to ear
I'm alive and I know it's real!
Deliver our glory... we are one in destiny!


Cast me statues made of steel
Polished as bright as the sun
Build monuments to my name, towering high above!
Gather women bred to please! Bring them to their new home
Don't dare question my demands
Or you'll find yourself alone

Give me your confidence, give me your obedience!
It's in my blood
Give me your confidence, give me your obedience!
Because I am the one!

Bow down gently and kiss the ground
There you shall remain
Day and night through massive storms of lightning
Wind, and rain
There you'll die a humble man, my servant until the end
Proof of my endless power...
Proof that my will never bends!


Shower the world with disease
And let loose with your cruelest guns
Cut nations down by then knees!
Enemies fall one by one
When the smoke and fire clear
And rain washes the blood away
In a wasteland beyond compare, only two madmen remain
Say a prayer, no one will listen to you!
We stand alone in silence and solitude
Say a prayer, no one will listen to you!
We stand alone and here's what we're gonna do:

Blades of steel rain from above with deadly aim
So straight and true
If you think you can run, you'd better think again... that's right! I'm comin' for you!

How many more fools will try to take
Everything for themselves?
How many more fools will die by my hand
Sent straight to hell?!
Hundreds, maybe thousands more! I carry the burden of time:
An infinitely heavy load that ravages and plagues my mind


"Cruel" doesn't begin to describe my dark
Twisted state of mind
There may be no words strong enough for the tale of chaos I've left behind:
Endless miles of fresh rubble smolder
Underneath a choking, blackened sky
A never ending scene of madness, beyond the reach of sight!
I live by one decree... scream it for me:
Strike them down! Strike with authority!
Strike them down! Make them beg for mercy!

Only prose can do my legend justice
When written in defeated tongues
It's timeless evidence of my genius
Of bitter battles lost and won
With my head held high
(Though way too big for my shoulders)
I look to other lands
Totally untouched, ignorant of my name,
Waiting to be strangled by my hands!

I live by one decree... scream it for me:
Strike... strike... strike them down!...

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