Iconoclist : Demo

Deathcore / Etats-Unis
(2008 - Auto-Production)
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You fucking pig
Why can't you look me in the eyes
Never turn your back
You'll never know when ill be waiting
In the shadows

I will break everything you've come to love (2x's)
You coward never turn your back (2x's)


There is no turning back
You will remember what you did

When your lifeless eyes stare motionless
At our broken remorse ridden faces

Bow down before me

Wipe that fucking smile off your face
Ashes to ashes you will fall
I will burn you alive and bathe in your remains

You will pay for every breath you have wasted
You will be left for death
I will not rest until everyone
Of you is silenced

You will be nothing but a burntmemory
In a pile of your own filth
You will lay decaying away with everyone you've ever loved
After all of this was it worth it?

Your blood will stain the grass
And your teeth will litter the sidewalk
Everything you've worked for is now washed away

You will bow down before us like the little bitch you are

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