Garden Wall : Chimica

Progressive Metal / Italy
(1997 - Self-Released)
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I – RH- (Chemicalism)

In Chemistry we trust
In Chemistry we trust

Molecules compelled by the illusory order
Deceptive oasis in the entropic desert
The flood don't know about the collective flame
Either distinguish between life and death
Everything's physiological
Ready for the inorganic last act

Chemistry's the Queen of life
Infection – Chemotaxis
Phagocytosis – Probability
Error – Pain
Electrons – Links
Homeostatic alteration
Hyperglycaemia – Diabetic coma
Elaborate and delicate toys
In the hands of the Queen
Delight us with you alkaloids
Or give us the death with your venoms

In Chemistry we trust
In Chemistry we trust

II – Dirt

We're snared by our mortality pitilessly
Playing despite our will a bloody roulette
Where only the black sign of death can turn
The unconscious germ in his brief sleep
Ejaculates his love-stench lustfully
Progressive necrosis shiftily
And we feel the weight of our captivity
Prisoners in the one body
With no soul to break these chains
The insane cry can free me no more
From the killing grip of Death either
We smell
I don't like the salty taste of scum too much
But this milky liquid
Is the quintessence of humanity for sure
To feel it on the lips of the one you love
Only serves to amplify the disgust
Our decomposing proteins are disgusting
But this nitrogenous smell is everything we have

III – Death at the Mirror

I dedicate my nightmare to the dying
Man whose death is mine
The man in the mirror is gasping
His dreadful verdict of guilty
This is my end
And the terrifying desperation
Cancel his imploded brain
The last experience
As everything else
The stars
They're dead too
Won't save either me or you
Trifling heap of organic material
Cursing with your impossible anguish
Now the feeble light that won't stay
The sinus-atrial node is still pulsating
But it's already degraded chemistry
The one that makes you play
The obscene last act of the farce
And I can't learn
My exorcism is inefficient
As the pity that the Queen denies to you
Nobody thought you to die

IV – Alter-Ego

I confront the Alter-Ego in the n-dimension space
The face in the mirror laughs at the inevitable defeat
He knows my strength
He knows my shrill cry can hurl him away
Weigh him down in psychic infrared
But He can torture my brain
He knows my pain
He can light the fire of my ancestral terror
His time is the moment
But this moment is torture
The Demon attacks!

V – Erasure

I, not I
What unhappy need is this?
Destruction of the subject
Ego, an object
How can I make up my desperate narcissism
With the imperious order of annulment?
How can the artist find to be a servant?
How can the odious Death
Peep through the crazy multitudes
Of possible solutions for a while?
Self-asserting vs. Negation of Unicity
Or is Unicity an Ice-Queen's esoteric dominion?
To erase!
To erase!
Me, not me
Me, not me

VI – Trauma





So it's you
The only one who's been betrayed
Thinking yourself better than me
Blonde queen in haughty silence
But look out
For the sceptre still lies in the hands of the King
(And it could hurt)
(Hurt you so much)
(I was right in the end)
(You don't even know what the word “love” stands for at all)
And in the end who cheated whom?
Was it me?
Going on like an idiot believing in the eternal symbol
Or you
Hardly capable to even let your voice out?
(Still struggling)
(Or you)
(Lying safe behind your stupid trench of silence?)
A childish lover
A child – I agree
But you, great woman
Who the hell were you?
But the actress performing herself
But the tenderness-thirsty vampiress
The only one who knows what life actually is
The one who pitifully stares at the poor mad poet
Strong and impregnable woman
Teacher who nothing ignores
Struggling for a song
Forgetting everything afterwards
In your fucking fellow man idiotic dance
Never wrong and your silence just
Mature and clean is deserved punishment
For the one who ripped off your heart
And threw it in the mud
(Do you want to carry on with your trench welfare)
(Down there in your putrid trench?)
(I'm not afraid of suffering anymore)
(I'm not afraid of sorrow!)
I'd rather go risking madness than renounce to this war
You're putting up with your silence
(I begged you to give me a sign)
(But just a faint and far echo reached your Olympus)
Soon the time will come
When your ears will be upset by my scream!




I want to bite
Bestial frenzy
I run
Indifferent of the thorn-bushes that tear my throat open
I scream
Of this gloomy world the terror I am
I fuck
Anything's moving
With my sick seed
Every crack I want to

Hands do rape the blood-soaked land
Rain lashes the naked body
But I feel no cold
I feel no pain
I have sexual intercourse with a huge-sexed weird beast
The heat is overwhelming
Of this gloomy world the terror I am

I re-emerge
From the glade
From the filthy theatre where only
Cracking flashes light up the scene
From the ashes of the archetype war
There's no blood here
Just sperm trickles smearing my pubic hair
The white tiles don't say anything
Unreal silence

I'd like to wank
Excited as I am from the lustful vision of my body
In decadence cast along the cold floor
But I prefer getting dandled by Morpheus misty arms
Smiling at my state

6 – IMMUNE (He knows my strength…)



No more acids on my skin
No more needles inside my veins
No more poisons into my blood
No more, no more, no more cold blades through my flesh
No more foreign hands inside my head
No more shame on my second face

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