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Band's list Black Metal Funeral Mist Maranatha
Album, Erscheinungsdatum : 23 Februar 2009 - Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Style: Black Metal

Bewertung SOM : 16/20
Allen Bewertungen : 17/20 Um eine Bewertung für das Album abzugeben mußt Du eingeloggt sein
1. Sword of Faith 04:34
2. White Stone 04:14
3. Jesus Saves ! 08:13
4. A New Light 04:51
5. Blessed Curse 11:53
6. Living Temples 06:28
7. Anathema Maranatha 06:10
8. Anti-Flesh Nimbus 07:15
Total playing time 53:38

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47 ratings 3 17/20

Immaculate, flawless pride, the
Accuser of their brethren has
Accused again, an unerring
Throw of guilt without sin...
To and fro, up and down.

Infallible, sovereign glory, O
Angelic serpent who filled the
Breadth of the world with tyrants
- Come forth! Wash me in the
Glare of thy shameless perfection.

Violent prayers, roaring psalms,
I have no voice but that of homage
For Thee, Yes, my doubt is an
Open wound, yet my conviction
The salt within.

Sword of faith, breastplate of
Rightousness, garments of
Vengeance, locust and the helmet
Of Salvation.

Naked splendour, pain divine,
Each breath is a cry to be sifted,
Sifted as wheat! Sifted as wheat!
Wood to the pyre, sifted as wheat!

Scorched lungs, solemn bene-
Diction, I shall make mountains
Bleed for thy holy mission.

Sword of faith, breastplate of
Rightousness, garments of
Vengeance, locust and the helmet
Of Salvation.
...And he hath put a new song
In my mouth, even praise unto
Our God: many shall see it, and
Fear, and shall trust in the LORD!


Numbered, weighed, and found

A white stone and a new na-
Me, at peace with the lord and
Freed from blame, all debts re-
Mitted, thy sould washed
Clean, O glorious splen-
Dours of the rebirth.

...But that stone is a lump of
Coal, for thou hadst a whore's
Forehead, thou refusedst to be

A white stone and a new
Name, restoring the years
That the locust have eaten, again
Clean enough to speak his name,
Oh happy vantage of a knee-
Ling knee

...But that name is a ghost
Unseen, for thou hadst a whore's
Forehead, thou refusedst to be
Ashamed. Mene, Mene, Tekel,
Upharsin... Thou refusedst
To be ashamed.

Numbered, weighed, and found

A white stone and a new na-
Me, thy lamp removed from the
Altar of shame, but that name
Is a ghost unseen, for thou
Hadst a whore's forehead, thou
Refusedst to be ashamed.


And I took my staff, even
Beauty, and cut it asunder...
Have you been into the fire?

Carved in stone or pissed in
Snow, the day will come! The
Day will come! A clean prayer
From an unclean tongue,
There is no life here - only
Different ways to die, moth-
Eaten vows of hollow pride,
Skin for skin, yea, skin for
Skin. The wine of Sodom,
Gomorrah's fields, come-
Spill now forth the poison
Of dragons in the name of

Chasm from chasm, Arma-
Geddon, Armageddon,
Armageddon, A thousand
Angel jubilation, and upon
This rock I will build my

...And the sun of false-
Hood shall shine with trust,
From the depths of Satan
In the name of God.

O sweetest wormwood,
O glorious gall, yes sweet
Is the fruit that grows from
The tree of bitterness. -
The gall and the worm-
Wood, the wormwood and
The gall, a velvet kiss and
A thousand knives of salt
In thy cunt

And I took the sword and
Brandished it twice...Have
You fed the mother of death?

A clean prayer from an
Unclean tongue, this Guilt
Was old when the world
Was young, still shall
Innocence be my sign, O
LORD, why hast thou
Not forsaken me? ...And
The sun of falsehood
Shall shine with trust, from
The depths of Satan in the
Name of God

Jesus saves! Jesus
Saves! Drink now his blood,
And kill in his name. Let us
Pray, let us pray and prepare
Our snares for the promised
Day, Jesus saves! Jesus
Saves! Eat now his flesh,
And inject the venom into
His name. A perfect wound
From a perfect blade, the
Perfect deceit in a perfect
World at the perfect day


Tidal wave! Blood and black,
The second sinner dreams
Today... Dying waters, preg-
Nant darkness, and there
Will be strange events in-
Skies, "REVENGE!" the blood of
Abel cries, I swallow
The dust of a thousand
Deaths, in search for the
Word that can lay waste to
The world.

My throat is a thousand
Open graves, thousand
Cataclysms, thousand
Open graves, Yes, I am
The perfect image of God,
Come hither, soul, I am
The way! Iure divino, I
Am the way! Ecce signum,
I am the way! To both
Above and below, so then
Because thou art luke-
Warm, and neither cold
Nor hot, I will spue thee out
Of my mouth, out
Of my Eden, into a world
Of gravity gone mad...
Thy famous pillars topyle,
Thy candlestick removed,
Thy roots are dried up.

A new sun, O golden
Death! The sons of the
Red earth must face our
Rays, sun of perdition, O
Dawn of ash, and there
Will be strange events in-
Skies, "AGAIN!" the blood
Of Cain replies, I swallow
The dust of a thousand -
Deaths, in search for the
Word that can laye waste the

Now let thy blood speak
Unto the Lord "MY BLOOD
IS SILENT!" cried the whore,
I inhale the song of a thou-
Sand wounds, in search
For Redemption.


Cursed shall be the fruit of thy
Body, and cursed shall be the
Fruit of thy land, Cursed shalt
Thou be when thou comest in,
And cursed shalt thou be when
Thou goest out.

And thou shall grope at noon-
Day, as the blind gropeth in
Darkness, and thou shalt not
Prosper in thy ways: and thou
Shalt be only oppressed and
Spoiled evermore, and no man
Shall save thee.

The stranger that is within
Thee shall get up above thee
Very high; and thou shalt come
Down very low, he shalt be the
Head, and thou shalt be the tail.

And thy heaven that is over
Thy head shall be brass, and
The earth that is under thee
Shall be iron. The LORD
Shall make the rain of thy land
Powder and dust: from heaven
Shall it come down upon thee,
Until thou be destroyed.

The LORD shall make the
Pestilence cleave unto thee,
Until he have consumed thee
From off the land, whither thou
Goest to possess it. The
LORD shall smite thee with
A consumption, and with a
Fever, and with an inflammation,
And with an extreme burning,
And with the sword, and with
Blasting, and with mildew;
And they shall pursue thee
Until thou perish, because
Thou wouldest not obey
The voice of the LORD thy God.


Spill forth!

Kings shall fall...down be-
Fore him, as the blood stiffens,
His praise all people sing:
Spill forth thine respendence!
And let thy rampant Glory
Flow, piercing light on blind-
Ness pour, making us living
Temples of Thy Word. Living
Temples, living temples. Let every
Heart prepare a throne and every
Throat a brand new song.

To Him shall prayer unceasing,
And daily vows ascend, on wings
Of murder still increasing, a
Kingdom without end.

Come then, let us hasten!
And do his Will with hearts
Aglow, kindled Death on
Blindness pour, making us
Living temples of the LORD.

Kingdom...without end.
Kings shall fall...down before
Him, as the blood stiffens, His
Praise all people sing:

Spill forth thine resplendence!
And let thy rampant Glory flow,
Piercing light on blindness pour,
Making us living temples of Thy

Living temples, living temples.

Let every heart prepare a throne,
And every voice a brand new song.


Lo! A new angel has come to
Spread his wings, a great swarm
Of plagues to collect our sins, even
Now shall they surrender... To
The power of the dog

Sin and sinner, death and dying,
The many waters must be judged,
Flesh as straw as soil and soul,
All chained to the great great whore.

For more love than seraphs know,
We will live seraphs burn, deep
In bonds of miry clay, the many
Waters must be judged.

He shall suck the poson of asps!
The viper's tongue shall slay him!
He shall suck the poison of
Asps! The viper's tongue shall
Slay him! ...and yes he shall fall
Among them that fall!

The Anathema is in the midst
Of thee, let him be had in execra-
Tion Maranatha. The Anathema
Is in the midst of thee, let him
Be Anathema Maranatha!

Hell from beneath is moved
To meet thee, moved to meet
Thee at thy coming, it stirreth
Up the dead for thee, even all
The chief ones of the earth.

Hell is naked, naked before
Him, and destruction hath no
Covering, and yes, he shall fall
Among them that fall, for he
Hearest not the LORD!

For more love than seraphs
Know, we will like seraphs
Burn, deep in bonds of miry
Clay, the many waters must
Be judged.

He shall suck the poison of
Asps! The viper's tongue shall
Slay him! He shall suck the
Poison of asps! The viper's
Tongue shall slay him! ...and
Yes, he shall burn in the
Fires of rejection, for he hath
Gone a whoring from the


Build in me, O LORD! And
Once again grant me Light, to
Fill this human void, Yes,
Chasten me with Sight! I
Speak wounds, and my blood
Is a tune of Death, and my
Word shall devour flesh.

I slayed the lion to become
Him, I am HUNGER!
Anti-flesh nimbusl... I crush
My eyes, to gain the sight of
A god.

My heart is fixed, O LORD,
And my veins are prepared, to
Receive thy venom, to channel
Thy glare. Mad with the over-
Flow, I open my chest, and my
Word shall devour flesh.

The earth trembled and was
Silent, shook and stood still.

Anti-flesh nimbus... I choke
The human within, to gain the
Will of a god.

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