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Fear Of Domination (FIN) Call of Schizophrenia
Album, date de parution : 13 Mai 2009 - Osasto-A
Style: Metal Industriel

NOTE : 14/20
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1. Fear of Domination 04:03
2. Mistake in Evolution 04:15
3. Clown Industry 03:12
4. Synthetic Paradise 04:24
5. Punish Y.S. 05:05
6. Intact Girl 04:42
7. Perfect World 04:19
8. Call of Schizophrenia 06:27
9. Theatre 03:29
10. Fear of Domination (MC Raaka Pee Remix) 05:51
Total playing time 45:47

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4 avis 0 14/20
Les paroles

Puppets of society
Controlled, no souls
Dominated by fear
Ruled by few

Robots of society
Numbered, no will
Dominated by war
Treated as a dog

What is real anymore?

When do we dare to say no?
Fear of domination!
Instruments of governments
Toys of masters!

Living in a world of lies
Things not to be told
What is real anymore
Are we only subject to
the domination


Talk, talk, talk, talk
Countless words yet still nothing more than curse
is talk all you do in your life?
I think I'm allergic to the lines your mouth spills
And to all the fucked up truth

White sheets for the dead
bullets for the living

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
Only sexual control and domination
we are animals, we are the perfect people

Human is just an animal, with animal instincts
animal acts like a human, is like a human, lives like a man
so tell me who could be me
I want to find the inner me
I would like to be somebody
we are evolutions mistake

Suck, suck, suck, suck
Baby I'm not done, so gimme more
I want to feel to be somebody
we are the ugly ones, the ones who bring the filth to this world
the mistake in evolution
Lick, lick, lick, lick
You should wipe your own ass
That's not my work to do
I think I'm amused of the beauty of the world
It's fragile like ice


Violence covers the whole world
silicons are everything that matters anymore
morale corrupted, easily forgotten
and people keep waiting for more, always for more

And more, more, more!

We are the ones without a name
we are the ones without a shame
we are a product of industry
The clowns own industry

Macabre and comedy, is there difference?
sex sells and money rules all over the world
fists explain, tongues hurt
And clowns keep waiting for more, always for more

This world is getting raped again
and time goes in the hourglas
this world is burning again
and clowns only sit back


I'm speaking with my silent friends
they are only shadows of which they once were
looking answers for my life
is this end of my might?

Tell me darling, are you truly happy now?
You made machine from our love?

'cause I, I'm only your doll!
and I, I'm only your stripper
play with me and throw away
and pick up next in line

Again I'm talking with my silent friends
they stay quiet as always before
I'm talking but hearing nothing
my own dialogue with broken mirror

How could our synthetic paradise be like this?
How could we end like this?
How could we play our cards like this?
How could I fall to hell like this?


This ends here, lets face it
you've done it wrong, now embrace it
feel the pain, feel the shame
now we must die for our sins
I like to be right here, I love to see you here
Come here my dear, lets do it now
I love to be insane

Blood comes out, lets drink it
Lets taste the sin, so tastly
feel the pain, see the shame
now we must bring it all down
I like to be right here, I love to see you here
hit me please, will you do it now?
I like to be insane

Clean it all off
Give the body what it deserves
Bring it all down

See the stains, you made them
I must them clean them, so dirty
see the stain, feel the blame
I must clean them anyway
I like to be right here, I love to see you here
Come to me, lets face the sins
I love to be insane!

You want to see them falling
we want to see them crawling
you want to see them lying
we want to see them dying
so come here, enjoy the fear
when the time draws so near
it's time to go, but I want to show
the little secrets in my head

So dirty, dirty...


Baby, baby, spread your legs for me
just a little bit sex in my drink please
baby, baby, is it all for me?
everybody look, what have I found?

Dont risk it, fist it!

Haunting me the way you love me
tempting me the way you hate me

Smile for me, baby!
dance for me, baby!
dominate me, lady!
my own intact girl!

Baby, baby, squeeze your lips for me
just a little bit sex in my night please
baby, baby, give yourself to me
everybody, tongues here now


Here we live in a world of insanity
it's just sex, sex, sex 'n drugs with skinny models
filthy pervs masturbate for pedophilia
here we live in a world of insanity

Hate, greed, jealosity
the marks of human nature
murder, robbery, terrorism
the acts of human nature

Come, come to live in our perfect world!
This is a world of sex, drugs 'n death!

Welcome to our world of insanity
it's just guns, guns, guns 'n violence with martyrs of faith
news bring nothing more than terror
so welcome to our world of insanity


I see all the faces, all the ugly faces
I'd like to kill them all, but not still hurt them all
I want to feel the knife inside, oh god dont hurt me now
what should I do when the voices tell me to lie

Time's running out, system's falling down
Time has run out, system will crash down

I'm lost in my room
Cant find my way out
it's all just a same
should I cry, should I smile
it's a schizophrenia, just a schizophrenia
voices in my head, cant make them stop
it's a schizophrenia, just a schizophrenia
who should I believe inside my mind?

I am waiting for something
waiting for the clarity
hope strangels to survive
war is our everyday life
but as time passes by
battle is lost, against time
what the hell should I do, when the voices tell me to die

Now all have been seen
all is said and done to me
nothing gives the satisfaction...
now the knife is inside, wounds are open wide
I open my head for you, so look inside

So here I am
here I make my final stand
in this world full of lies
so here I am
here where it all began
now I think I understand
there's nothing in here, nothing to hold near
so be right here


I find my face from the dirt again
and see the audience cry
the show is over now
so be quiet right now

Everybody is a fucking whore
everybody plays a fucking role

We thank you now
when you kick us on the ground
and the blood comes out
we thank you now
when you kick us on the ground
and the god falls down
I never thought this was real
and everything I deared
was this theatre
and all the things I deared
and all the things I feared
was in this theatre

I raise my face from the dirt again
and see the audience smile
they need more still
so be quiet right now, gimme more!

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