Equinox (UK) : Equinox

Power Metal / United-Kingdom
(2006 - Self-Released)
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The time to strike is now
Pressures building on our brow
It's time to show no remorse
We will crush 'em with our force

With our force we'll crush 'em with our force

Their disease spreads everywhere
Does anyone really care
Their alliance made of fools
We hear there laughter
Now here your cries

Hear your cries, we can now hear your cries

It's time to fight the war (x 8)


I can't believe you tried to fool me
Tried to deceive my eyes
Now you have made a new enemy
because you I despise
You don't know what the truth is
You've never spoke it in your life
Life's just a game that's what you say
Hurt as many people down the line

But I have got news for you
You've made a new enemy in me
And you should be scared you'll see
That you've made a new enemy

It's time to reap what you have sown
The truth is out you'll know
Won't live your lies let that be known
It's time to grow up 'cos your on your own


Building pressure on my shoulders
The weight that I can't bear
My arms begin to spazm
My hair begins to tear
My body's taking over
By fear that's in my mind
My breathing starts to relapse
My teeth begin to grind

My heart begins to crumble
My legs begin to go
My face is glowing
I can't take no more
This is the building pressure
heavy load on my mind
When will I ever progress
And leave it all behind

I can't take the pressure
I can't live like this no more
I can't take the pressure
But it's impossible to ignore

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