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Band's list Black Metal Endstille Operation Wintersturm
Album, Released date : 16 June 2002 - Self-Released
Style: Black Metal

RATING SOM : 17/20
All rates : 16/20 You must be logged to rate this album
1. Der Hetzer (Batterie 4)
2. Jesus Christ
3. Discovering Rapture as an Art
4. Operation Wintersturm
5. Mute Their Ways
6. God of Gods
7. Ballade of Frostbitten Heart
8. Warmetal
9. Endstille

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23 ratings 2 16/20

Mute Their Ways

We are of one
From the ugliest exil we rise
Received to lance our enemies
Sadistic rapture

We crack the whips of god
And carrying the dead gene
Into the world of light
Remaining the emptyness

Mute their ways
Carrying their faith
The faithful and their death
Now untited (forever)

We are the summoned
In request for darkness
Let us be gods
Since the creator failed

Locked in a spiral of time
We lost our lives
Now summoned
The undead force

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