Draugnim : Sworn to Waves

Black Pagan / Finlande
(2007 - Auto-Production)
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Sear unfolding flame the hearths of east
Dawn ordained revives the trails of the ones that seek
No light serene nor sight relieved
condone the coldest deeds
but promise of shadow that secrets keep

Trace the silver of the moon...

Castaways, palefires light and mortal child
To realms of night, in realms we hide
Paths you tread are paths disguised
No streams follow old rivers bed
Trees bear leaves ten autumns swept
Here in shadow that secret's kept

Trace the silver of the moon...

Dark is the realm we sought
so dies the silver hope we wrought
dark and silent
no need to hide, no shade from light,
what shadow will then you find inside

Trace the silver of the moon...


Across the fields red banners lead
Honored fallen stride
Towards the woods where still rivers meet
Feet first they ride
The peal, the pain, the cross, the shame
Fade the wraiths of war
No fatal wound slay searing stain
One that soul once bore

Feast the flesh of the beast
Indulge these spoils with greed

Inside the woods ten circles lay
Sylvan shrine of old
They dance, they pray the sun to flee away
Feast no light behold
The gift, the horn, the oath once sworn
Opiation for palate
They call, and heed the faceless horned
Regale served in shade

Bare the sin, the sun parched skin
Slavish shields of god
They gorge, the bare the flame within
Indulge on pagan blood
Disgrace, the scorn and soul reborn
Heathen star burns strong
Leave chains of flesh to house forlorn
Gods halls where they belong

Feast the flesh of the beast
Indulge these spoils with greed


Bleeding wood cleaves the grey
Fill breath of fear the sails of men
Barren horizons away
Black shores there lay
Home aeons astray

Release of vows that you flee is vow sworn to the sea
Redress of soul set free is soul sworn to the sea

Howls of tempest winds hasten
Dragged from wells of deepest descent
Where weeping sky ends
Light heaven sent
Forges waves as gods revenge

Release of vows that you flee is vow sworn to the sea
Redress of soul set free is soul sworn to the sea

Rise, cold valkyrie white,
with frothing wings voracious tide
Drown beneath waves I'm sworn
In salty grave I shall be reborn


Hearken dead walls the tale of lost decade
When the reign of realms was passed to the son the fate shall so dictate
One of us prevails
The one who indites the blessed annals, whose name wont fade away
The soil and men shall wield thy grace, the mark that wont decay
One of us shall prevail

The ruin and fall of kin
Your futile deeds repelled
Beheaded bricks for my pedestal
Of dominion excelled

Dominate, decimate, burn where fields revive
Severe the line of rule divine, be praised as patricide
Lies we shall recite
For my name is the lord and the vengeange is mine
Lies they shall deny
Engrave the deeds, so deep it bleeds, my legacy enshrine

Hearken walls the tale of lost
As age of men dies away
Cruel deeds, so deep they bleed
But scars will heal, marks decay
Thrones will fall, no dead recall
Only stones are here to stay
No cairns will tell, barrows yell
And so your name fades away

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