Cruel Humanity : Post Apocalyptic Bliss

Symphonic Black / United-Kingdom
(2002 - Self-Released)
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1. The Pre Apocalyptic Stare

Demons from dark minds
Infect us so sublime
Ultimate dark tide
End of humankind

Vacant eyes, violent times
A common hate to seal our fate
Desolation annihilation
Take your time, forget your life

Gazing faces unaware
The pre-apocalyptic stare

Forgive us not, leave us to rot
Nuclear future
Feel the flame, taste the pain
Take a breath, welcome death

2. Into The Hall Of Fallen Heroes

Sword by side
Eyes open wide
Warm blood flows
Onto the snow

Red battlefield
Drunk on warriors' blood
His mortal wounds
Deep and cruel

He caught the eye
Watcher from the sky
Visions of beauty
Swoop close by

Once again grasps his sword
Arises tall, strong and pure
As he was once before
And will be forever more

Three colours joining the sky to the ground
And journeying beyond the horns resound
This is where brave warriors go
When a sharp blade takes its toll

Stars burn bright
Round the gapping moon
Into the night
Strides the dead hero

Bridge ahead, blue, green and red
This must be the path of the glorious dead

Now ascending, rising high
To the realm beyond the sky

Winds blow cold and the blackness screams
And in the distance a light is seen

Greeted by sights, wondrous splendour
"Asgard is mighty indeed," said the warrior
… Said the warrior

Valhalla's gates before his eyes
Tall and gold and open wide
Familiar figure stood within
Welcomed, by Odin

"Welcome into my hall
feast and fight forevermore"

Laughter echoes around
As the horns resound
Fallen brothers live again
Sword-death is not the end!!

"Welcome into my hall
feast and fight forevermore"

3. Perdition

Fury explodes lighting up the sky
Day of doom
For holy men comes the curse of death
Rotting for eternity in nameless tombs

Steel glinting in the firelight
Temples burn
The smell of death in the burning air
Echo's, the sound of battle, holy ruin everywhere

A life ruled in chaos,
Given the name of Jesus
Brought to this light by a false god
But now he's been dead for years

He should have been our saviour
But for his life of failure
Gave us his pain and chaos
Still here he's been dead for ages

False prophet sent down to save us
We spit on the lamb named Jesus
Turn on the faiths which bleed us
And crush to the ground their leaders

Demons, have arrived to take us
Satan, is the dark descending?
Listen, hear my death awaiting
And for you will come the same

Hate as religion taunts me
Anger erupts in our eyes
Blinded quest for holiness
You made a hell on earth
Ruled by lies

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