Condemnation (GRC) : Entering the Gates of Doom

Thrash Metal / Greece
(1993 - Molon Lave Records)
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There ain`t no rules to this game
Everything is permitted
No one is to blame
Your only goal is to time!!!

Entering the gates of doom!!
Entering the gates of destruction!!!
Entering the gates of today's society
Entering the gates of doom

No one´s gonna tell you what to do,
You know you're nobody's fool,
So... Betray!!!
Those who have previously betrayed you.


Hatred in this purest form
Will crush the souls of the weak
So stand and die at my hand
Or kneel and die at my feet

Try again in a thousand years
To purify this worthless place
Melt the hearts of a thousand tears
Torch the flesh of the wicked ... Race!!!

Politicians say "don't do drugs!!",
While they're the ones
To sell the drugs to us
I really believe that they suck!!!



Look... Thousands of people are going to die
Hundreds of soldiers are going to fight
The children cry and ask why?
But we say good luck and goodbye.

Slowly they fight your holy mind
The world is screaming, "jesus christ"
Politicians look at you very sly!!
After they crawl, never mind!!!

Now is the time to stop the fight
Now is the time to kill the war
Shoot him! Shoot him! Murder in the skies
Shoot him! Shoot him! All we want.


Frontiers, frontiers, frontiers of war


One touch of my burning hand
Eternal blazin' hell on earth
Vaporize everything that stands
Destroy the world!!

Killing one or killing them all
The choice is not yours to make
Paint the skies in flaming lights
Decided by terror not fate!!!

Rolling thunder and crack of light
Piercing cries and screams
Looking back on simpler pays
Your reality is my dream!!


Part 1:
As the days go by they can't believe their own words
They say they do things that they can't believe to.

As their life goes by they fear
As they live in fear they hate
How can they do other lives fated?
How can someone live among hatred?!!
Blind for life -
Their eyes can't see nothing but lie
Mute- they say just what they try to succeed!!

Why the killing spree must be human?
Why the born of hate comes by us?
How can we do other lives fated?
How can we live among hatred?!!

Part 2:
Blind for life, mute they say, endless fear hide away.
End of time, time to lose,
Winners get all winners lose
Government, courts, and cops
All this madness must be stopped!!
Filthy freedom they created!
Truth, honesty among hatred!!

Hide the fear, from your face,
Try to save the human race
Why the state don't serve the people?!!
Power, money turn in circles!!

(repeat part 1)

Among hatred!!
Among hatred!!

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